Do You Need a Backup Battery for Nassau County Solar?

Battery technology is constantly evolving with improvements in capacity and efficiency. If you’re planning on having a Long Island solar installation, you can have a battery backup installed at the same time. Here’s why you should consider one…

What is the Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions?

On Long Island, we enjoy more than 200 sunny or partly sunny days every year. Solar power on Long Island relies on sunshine for maximum efficiency. With the best solar panel for cloudy conditions, you can get the highest possible efficiency even when the sun is obscured by the clouds.

The Supply Chain for Solar House Battery Systems is Growing

With a solar house battery, you can increase the efficiency of your Long Island solar installation. A battery can provide backup for an emergency and deploy in the evenings when your solar panels have shut down. Learn more!

U.S. Lawmakers Oppose Solar Tariffs

The Department of Commerce is still pushing ahead with an investigation into alleged tariff avoidance for solar panels. The industry is against the inquiry stating that it has no merit and that any retroactive tariffs would threaten the U.S. solar industry.

EVs Reducing the Demand for Oil

EVs have become so popular globally that they are now offsetting the demand for oil with a battery energy storage system, much like how solar power on Long Island is reducing the need for oil in power generation.

$3.1 Billion Investment Could Benefit Solar Backup Systems

The Department of Energy has announced $3.1 billion in funding to make more batteries and related components in America. Battery systems are critical to making the most of renewable energy. This funding should help to revitalize an industry that has fallen behind international competitors in manufacturing capacity.

Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle with Long Island Solar Energy?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on Long Island roads. Clean and efficient, EVs represent one of the most significant advancements in automotive technology in more than 100 years. The technology could even be put into solar batteries for homes, increasing the capacity of products like Generac’s PWRcell.

Florida Protects Residential Solar Incentives

On Long Island, we’re lucky to have access to generous NY solar tax credits that offset the cost of installation. Not every state has the same incentives. In fact, Florida recently attempted to repeal its residential solar incentives.

Get Rid of PSEG Long Island with Solar – Is it Possible?

If you want to get rid of PSEG Long Island, you might have considered solar to do it. While it’s not quite as simple as dumping your utility company completely, you can enjoy significant savings with a Long Island solar installation and net metering.

There’s Strong Industry Resistance to Solar Tariffs

The U.S. government is now considering tariffs on panels produced in Southeast Asia. Industry executives have responded negatively to this news. Find out how this can affect your solar installation costs in the future.