Please enjoy our short video series answering frequently asked questions on solar power.

How do I know if my house is suitable for solar?

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How Does the Smart Solar Program Work?

See if your home qualifies

Can I cover my entire bill?
Will I have an electric bill?
What happens during a blackout?

Solar Generators

Are there any tax incentives?

More information on tax credits

Can I go off the Grid?

Solar Generators

Will I know how much solar power I’ll receive?
Will I still have to pay for my solar panels after selling my house?
How do I finance my solar system?

Smart Solar Program

What is net metering?
What about critters?
How long will my system last?
How long is the installation process?
How do Solar Panels affect my property taxes?
How do I monitor my system?
How often will I have to maintain my solar system?
How do I know how much I pay for electric?
Why we Started
Will my solar panels work at night?
What Can I expect When Using LI Power Solutions?