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The Supply Chain for Solar House Battery Systems is Growing

With a solar house battery, you can increase the efficiency of your Long Island solar installation. A battery can provide backup for an emergency and deploy in the evenings when your solar panels have shut down.

Battery technology is in high demand, but the U.S. has a problem with its supply chain. Investment is needed to improve and expand domestic production. A new coalition of industry leaders is aiming to do just that, and it’s great news for the solar business and homeowners.

The Coalition for American Battery Independence has Launched

This week, the Coalition for American Battery Independence officially launched. It already has major industry members like Panasonic, General Motors, Ford, and the Zero Emission Transportation Association.

The Coalition will combine industry expertise and a lobbying push to ensure that lawmakers support a sustainable future with a domestic supply chain for EV batteries, solar house battery systems, and other batteries used for a range of applications.

This is a step in the right direction and could go a long way to giving America the energy security that it lacks. Currently, 75% of lithium-ion batteries are produced offshore.

Through its ongoing work, the Coalition should also help to ensure that when you need a solar house battery, there will be affordable options from local installers like Long Island Power Solutions.

How Will the News Affect Your Long Island Solar Installation?

The formation of the Coalition for American Battery independence won’t affect your Long Island solar installation today. But it is likely to ensure that battery technologies and products are readily available in the future, at competitive costs.

As the industry stands today, internationally sourced batteries are already competitively priced, but there’s always room for improvement in the supply chain. Your Long Island solar installation already uses technology from companies like Panasonic, a key supplier of Long Island Power Solutions.

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Why Should You Invest in a Solar House Battery for Solar Power on Long Island?

A solar house battery is more than just a convenience. It can improve the viability of solar for your home. It will also improve the return on investment that you generate from solar power on Long Island.

  • A battery can be used as a backup supply for solar power on Long Island. If the grid goes down, your home will continue to receive power from your backup system.
  • You can use a battery with solar power on Long Island to offset peak electricity rates. When your panels shut down in the evening you can import energy from the grid. Alternatively, you can use a solar battery to deploy electricity during peak times. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of Net Metering and minimize any incoming charges from your utility bill.

Find Out if a Solar Battery is Right for You

While most homeowners can benefit from a solar house battery, the decision should be based on real data. We provide detailed solar consultation and a complete cost/benefit analysis. We will look at your energy usage patterns and how solar can meet your needs. Depending on your patterns, a battery could offset your reliance on the grid and provide you with true energy independence.

It all starts with a free solar estimate. Trust the team at Long Island Power Solutions for the most detailed assessment. We provide the information. You make the choice.

Start with your solar estimate today and see how our team can give you the best solar solutions designed for performance, savings, and a return on investment over time.

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