Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions

What is the Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions?

On Long Island, we enjoy more than 200 sunny or partly sunny days every year. Solar power on Long Island relies on sunshine for maximum efficiency. If you’ve lived here for any amount of time, you’ll know that the rest of the year can be cloudy, rainy, or even snowy. But even if you can’t see the sun, your Long Island Solar Installation will still function. With the best solar panel for cloudy conditions, you can get the highest possible efficiency even when the sun is obscured by the clouds. At Long Island Power Solutions, we’ve found Q Cells to be among the very best available.

Choosing the Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions

The best solar panel for cloudy conditions is the most efficient panel. Cloud cover will dramatically reduce the output of solar panels if they aren’t designed to compensate. That’s why Long Island Power Solutions partners with companies like Q Cells. Industry leaders have the technology to ensure that your Long Island solar installation keeps working, even when the conditions aren’t ideal.

No matter where you install solar power on Long Island, your panels won’t receive direct sunlight every minute of the day. The top manufacturers account for this and design panels that maintain high efficiency even with indirect sunlight or low light conditions (such as a cloudy day). Q Cells make the best solar panel for cloudy conditions, thanks to a nano-coating on the back of the solar cells.

Light that would pass through the panel and otherwise go to waste is reflected back through the panel and absorbed by the cells. This effectively increases the output and means that even in sub-ideal conditions, the panels produce as much electricity as possible.

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Hanwha is Expanding Manufacturing in the United States

You might already be familiar with the name Q Cells. The company is a key supplier to Long Island Power Solutions and other solar installers around the world. When you get your Long Island Solar Installation, there’s a good chance that Q Cells will end up on your rooftop.

Owned by Hanwha, Q Cells solar panels are manufactured in China, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United States. This month it was announced that Q Cells manufacturing would be significantly expanded in America, so the entire supply chain is becoming even more efficient than ever before.

Q Cells will expand its factory in Georgia to reach a production capacity exceeding 3 GW. To put this into perspective; this will be one-third of the American solar module production capacity. This is great news, especially considering all the talk at the moment about solar tariffs on imported products. The news means that American-made solar panels will be readily available in the long term.

You can talk to our team to learn if Q Cells will be used on your rooftop. The specific panels we choose depend on current availability and the engineering specifics of your Long Island solar installation. We always choose the best panels for the project, without compromise.

We Partner with the Best Companies for Solar Power on Long Island

At Long Island Power Solutions, we appreciate the quality and engineering excellence displayed by the top solar manufacturers. That’s why we partner with companies like Hanwha Q Cells, Panasonic, Sonnen, and Generac, to name just a few.

You can see a full list of our partners and affiliates that help us deliver reliable solar power on Long Island.

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