Install Solar in Hauppauge NY

When is the Best Time to Install Solar in Hauppauge NY?

Solar can give you a home that is more environmentally friendly and more efficient to run. You’ll also enjoy considerable savings when you decided to install solar in Hauppauge NY.

With home improvements, there’s often a “best” time of year to get started on projects. For solar, things are a little different, and you can generally install solar in Hauppauge NY at any time of the year providing that the weather is clear and it’s safe for installers to work on your roof.

You Can Install solar in Hauppauge NY During any Season

No matter the season, you can get an installation service from the best Hauppauge NY solar company. At Long Island Power Solutions, we are available year-round and will schedule an installation when it suits you, as long as the conditions are safe.

  • Spring is a good time to install solar because it will get you prepared for the summer months when solar production will be high.
  • You can book our Hauppauge NY solar company during the Summer and we’ll plan and perform the installation. The clear weather is often beneficial as it limits any weather-related delays.
  • Autumn is a surprisingly good time to talk to a Hauppauge NY solar company. The spring and summer rush has died down and it’s often easier to get an installation booked for a time and day that suits you.
  • Winter isn’t necessarily a bad time to install solar but it can make scheduling more difficult as the weather can be unpredictable. But if it does come to the winter and you’re ready to get started on the project, Long Island Power Solutions will be available to get the job done.

While some seasons are more suited to outdoor home improvements and additions, you can get solar installed at any time of the year. All you need to do is call Long Island Power Solutions to get started with your free home solar estimate.

Solar Financing in Hauppauge NY

There are federal and state solar tax incentives available to offset the cost of your installation. With our team, you can even apply expected tax credits to solar financing in Hauppauge NY. Our split financing means you can get an interest-free period with no money down, based on the value of your tax credits. After you receive the credits you can pay off the initial loan in full, and we’ll move to the second term to cover the remainder of your bill.

Our solar financing in Hauppauge NY is affordable and the application process is stress-free.

Because tax incentives are based on current support from the government, we do recommend that you install solar sooner rather than later. We’re already seeing some of the incentives change. In 2022 you are eligible for a 26% dollar-for-dollar credit on your federal income tax, based on the cost of your solar system. But in 2023, the same program will reduce to 22%.

Interested in Home Solar in Hauppage NY? Give us a call today to discuss your options!

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate with Cost/Benefit Analysis

We can provide a ballpark free home solar estimate for you today. We can then provide a detailed estimate once you give the go-ahead for a site visit. We’ll also provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis based on usage patterns and your home’s solar potential.

This will allow you to put the cost of solar into the perspective of the savings generated over time.

Solar doesn’t just save you money. It generates a strong return on investment. The average solar system will pay for itself in savings in the first ten years of ownership. After that point, the savings go right back into your pocket. Solar is a long-term investment. We provide 25 Year Warranty Coverage for our solar panel installations on Long Island.

Choose the Most Trusted Company

With more than 5,000 successful installations across Long Island and New York, we are the best Hauppauge NY solar company for your project. With detailed consultation, you’ll be confident in your investment.

Start with your free home solar estimate and enjoy the easiest process to install solar in Hauppauge NY.

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