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Do You Need a Backup Battery for Nassau County Solar?

Battery technology is constantly evolving with improvements in capacity and efficiency. While batteries are often framed in the context of electric cars, they’re just as important for home solar solutions. If you want to maximize the value that you get from Nassau County solar, it’s worth thinking about what a battery backup can do for you.

If you’re planning on having a Long Island solar installation, you can have a battery backup installed at the same time. Here’s why you should consider one…

Does Nassau County Solar Work Without Batteries?

You can install Nassau County solar without a battery backup and your system will work perfectly fine. In fact, this is what many families do to enjoy the most affordable installation. However, there are specific benefits that come from having a solar battery. More than just efficiency, there are practical advantages.

The system can be configured so that the battery stores energy during the day and deploys it in the evenings. This provides extra coverage for peak times when electricity rates are at their highest.

A solar battery can also function as a backup, so your home will have electricity even when the grid goes down. With a standard system, solar panels will shut down when there’s a grid outage. This protects the service people working on the grid.

How to Decide on a Battery When You Get Solar Power on Long Island

Whether or not you need a battery for solar power on Long Island depends on your typical usage and what you want to get out of your system. When you get an estimate from Long Island Power Solutions, we’ll look at your energy usage patterns and provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis. If a solar battery is likely to save you money in the long term, we’ll recommend one and explain why.

Typically, if you use a lot of electricity in the evenings, a solar battery will offset this usage and minimize your electric bill. If you have experienced frequent outages in the past, then a backup system is a good idea.

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Solar Power on Long Island Comes with Tax Incentives

You can get generous tax incentives from the New York government and the Federal Government. This includes personal tax credits from the State and Federal side. The incentives can offset the cost of your installation. If you include a battery with solar power on Long Island, this will contribute to the total cost of the system, so your tax incentives can be applied to the entire bill.

Batteries for Long Island Solar Installation are Improving

Solar batteries are efficient and offer durability to generate a strong return on investment. The technology continues to improve, which is evident in recent news articles. Last month, the Department of Energy discovered an electrolyte additive that would significantly increase the density of lithium batteries. Advances are being made in both the public and private sectors. The DOE’s latest breakthrough means that future batteries will be able to cycle at high voltages and still retain up to 97% of the original capacity after 200 cycles.

You can have your Long Island solar installation with the most advanced battery technology. We are partnered with industry leaders including Generac and Sonnen for battery storage solutions.

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