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What are Solar Tariffs?

The Biden Administration is reportedly planning a halt on solar tariffs to benefit large-scale solar projects, right through to homeowners seeking Long Island solar installation. The move would offset the damage being caused by an ongoing Commerce Department investigation. And it could help to support the solar industry in the United States.

Two Unique Benefits for the Solar Industry

In one simple move, the White House could keep imported solar panels affordable while also promoting the production of solar panels in the United States.

President Biden plans to use the Defense Production Act to provide funding support for solar panels made in the United States. In addition, the President is expected to sign an order for a two-year hiatus on new solar tariffs. This would keep costs affordable for domestic projects using internationally sourced equipment and technology.

With this two-stage approach, the White House will be able to promote the expansion of America’s solar manufacturing industry, while also protecting the current industry from price hikes.

For homeowners like you, it means that Long Island solar installation would remain affordable for the foreseeable future.

How Would a Stronger Domestic Industry Benefit Solar Power on Long Island?

For solar power on Long Island, components and equipment are sourced from the United States and abroad. A complex supply chain ensures that solar is both affordable and reliable. Having the option to choose suppliers, regardless of their geographical location, also ensures that there are no compromises on the technology chosen.

Tariffs would only limit the options available to consumers. Especially considering that domestic solar panel production currently can’t keep up with international competitors. This is starting to change with major investments in U.S. manufacturing, but it will take time to reach parity with nations like China, South Korea, Thailand, and others.

Quite simply, the U.S. can’t currently produce all the solar panels that it needs. By supporting local industry without raising the prices of imports, we will have time to catch up.

A stronger domestic industry would mean:

  • More available jobs for Americans in manufacturing and other areas of the supply chain.
  • Shorter transport distances for products with less environmental impact.
  • Better control over quality and prices.
  • Faster turnaround times once manufacturing output increases.

We’re looking forward to a future where solar power on Long Island is provided largely by American components and technology. In the meantime, Long Island Power Solutions already works with leading American solar companies and foreign companies that manufacture in the United States.

Generac is a leading supplier of battery technologies, and we frequently use their products for solar battery installations.  Hanwha Q Cells is another of our major suppliers. This company recently announced an expansion of its U.S. manufacturing capabilities.

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We provide reliable solar installations at competitive rates. Long Island solar can save you money. We’re the company that will ensure you get a strong return on your investment.

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