Steps to Get Solar on Shelter Island

Simple Steps to Get Solar on Shelter Island

Shelter Island solar panels can give you monthly energy savings with a more efficient home. Long Island Power Solutions is your local solar installer. Learn how we make it easy to make the switch with five steps to get solar on Shelter Island.

Step One: Free Shelter Island Solar Estimate

Your journey begins with your free Shelter Island solar estimate. You can request the initial ballpark estimate today. This will be based on satellite data. It will give you a good indication of how many panels you would need to power your home, and what it would cost.

Most homes are suitable for solar. If you have a rooftop that is clear of shade throughout most of the day, then solar should be a good investment. If you’re happy with the initial estimate, we’ll take you through the rest of the process with a detailed consultation and engineering planning.

We’ll also provide a cost/benefit analysis later in the process, giving you an indication of how solar could pay for itself with savings over time.

Step Two: Shelter Island Solar Panels Home Survey

If you’re happy with the initial data and the estimate, we’ll go ahead and book an at-home solar evaluation. A technician will visit your home to inspect your rooftop and check surrounding shade structures. This will help us to build the final estimate and the cost/benefit analysis.

You won’t pay until you’re ready to move ahead with solar. An at-home inspection will ensure that solar is right for your family.

Solar panels can last up to 25 years and sometimes longer, so your roof should be in good condition. If it’s nearing the age of replacement, we can take care of this for you with the best solar roofing contractors on Long Island.

Step Three: Permits and Approval

You’ll need a permit to install shelter island solar panels. We take care of the application and approval, so you’ll only need to fill out forms once. Long Island Power Solutions is an experienced solar installation company with more than 5,000 successful installations completed so far. We know exactly what is needed to get designs and permits approved.

Our experience benefits you with a smooth permitting process without setbacks.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Step Four: 1-Day Solar Installation on Shelter Island

With all the planning and your permission to go ahead, we’ll schedule the solar installation. The actual process of solar installation on Shelter Island takes less than a day. The only exception is when you need a roof replacement and solar panel installation.

Our technicians are the best in the industry. We follow all safety precautions and are fully licensed and insured. We install solar panels according to industry standards and safety requirements.

We’ll use low-penetration racking and flashing to mount solar panels to your rooftop. This ensures a low-profile look that is attractive from the roadside. Our mounting equipment also prevents damage to the roof and structure of the home.

Our installations are guaranteed, and you will get a 25-year warranty on your solar panels for peace of mind. We’ll work efficiently and will show respect for your property. You’ll find no mess left behind, just clean and efficient solar panels.

Step Five: At-Home Solar Welcome Meeting

There are a few final details like getting your home hooked up to send unused electricity to the grid. We can work with your utility provider to make this happen. Sending electricity to the grid will spin your new power meter in reverse, ensuring that you get the maximum possible savings from solar.

We’ll conduct a welcome meeting at your home and get you set up with solar monitoring apps for your smartphone. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions and we’ll make sure that you’re all set to enjoy clean, affordable, and reliable home solar.

Begin the Steps to Get Solar on Shelter Island

All you need to do is request your free Shelter Island solar estimate to get the process started. There’s no risk and you’ll learn how much you could save by switching to clean energy.

We can also assist with Long Island solar panel financing, with no down payment and an interest-free period. Whether you pay outright or finance your system, solar generates an excellent return on investment. Begin the steps to get solar on Shelter Island and prepare for energy independence at your home.

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