Home Solar Installation in Seaford NY

How to Finance Your Home Solar Installation in Seaford NY

With a home solar installation in Seaford NY, you can enjoy affordable and clean energy for your home. Solar power in Seaford NY is a great investment, which will return incredible value over time. If you’re ready to get started, it’s time to think about the financials.

Long Island Power Solutions has connected more than 5,000 homes and businesses to efficient and reliable solar. We make the process stress-free and can even make your home a green home with no money down solar in Seaford NY.

Learn about our process and see how it’s easier than ever to get solar done right.

Beat Rising PSEG Energy Bills

Long Islanders have suffered too long from inflated electric utility bills. New York as a whole pays the highest rates in the nation next to Alaska and Hawaii. If you want to beat the ever-increasing bills, solar power in Seaford NY is the smartest thing you can do.

With a home solar installation in Seaford NY, you can take care of most of your daily consumption using energy generated on your rooftop. The excess will be exported to the grid, generating credits with your utility provider under Net Metering. This will offset any energy that you import during the evenings or whenever solar production is low. If you want to make your system even more efficient with more energy independence, you could even install a battery backup system.

Solar is demonstrably cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid, but you have to consider the cost of the system. Most families aren’t in a position to pay for solar power in Seaford NY outright. This is where our financing comes in.

No Money Down Solar in Seaford NY

You don’t need to cover the entire bill upfront to get home solar installation in Seaford NY. In fact, our accountants and partners have found a way for us to offer no money down solar in Seaford NY.

There are currently several tax incentives like state and federal benefits that can offset the cost of solar. One of the most common examples is a 26% dollar-for-dollar credit on the cost of your installation, provided by the federal government as a personal income tax credit.

We have designed our financing to tie in with expected tax credits. And, it ensures that you can get no money down solar in Seaford NY.

  • We’ll look at your situation and apply expected tax credits to an initial loan with no money down. This loan is interest-free and paid in full once you receive your tax credits.
  • The remainder of the solar bill will be applied to a second loan. You can choose the term so that repayments are affordable. We offer the most competitive interest rates on the second loan with the help of our specialist solar financing partners.

No money down solar in Seaford NY ensures that you can make a valuable investment in your home, without having to struggle through the initial years. Financing is affordable and most families find that repayments are comparable to paying a full electric utility bill without solar. Depending on the term you choose, you could reduce your monthly expenses from day one.

Most solar systems pay for themselves in savings within the first eight to ten years. After that point, it’s money back into your pocket. With solar panels expected to last 25 to 30 years, you’ll enjoy an excellent return on your investment. We provide a 25-Year Warranty under our SMART Solar Program.

Do you live in Seaford New York? You can benefit from going solar. Give us a call today to see how!

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate

The key to a good investment is good data. We can provide free home solar estimates using satellites. If you like what you see, we can move ahead with a detailed consultation and on-site inspection/estimate.

We’ll provide a complete cost/benefit analysis based on your energy usage patterns and the potential of rooftop solar panels. Your free home solar estimate will help you to make the right choice that suits your needs and your finances.

You can get your free home solar estimate today.

The Best Company for Home Solar Installation in Seaford NY

Our financing makes it easier to get a home solar installation in Seaford NY. Clean and affordable electricity should be accessible to all. For the most experienced solar installation company, talk to the team at Long Island Power Solutions. We’re here to deliver your energy independence.

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