Long Island Solar Prices and Tariffs

U.S. Lawmakers Oppose Solar Tariffs – Will This Affect Long Island Solar Prices?

The Department of Commerce is still pushing ahead with an investigation into alleged tariff avoidance for solar panels. But in a new move from Congress, more than 80 lawmakers have opposed the process and asked for a preliminary ruling. Tariffs are a critical topic today, as they have the potential to affect Long Island Solar prices and the price of solar nationwide. In a letter to President Biden and the Department of Commerce, House Representatives said that “the present anti-circumvention inquiry threatens to completely derail the progress we have made”. An ongoing investigation seeks to determine if some companies avoided tariffs by working on behalf of Chinese solar manufacturers. The industry is against the inquiry stating that it has no merit and that any retroactive tariffs would threaten the U.S. solar industry.

How Would Tariffs Affect Long Island Prices for Solar?

Tariffs would increase the cost of solar imports significantly, which could potentially harm Long Island prices. The demand for solar panels outpaces domestic production. While there is ongoing investment into local production, it will take time to achieve the same output as well-established overseas producers.

For affordable power on Long Island, the industry relies on a combination of domestic and foreign production with materials and technology sourced from around the world. A complex supply chain ensures affordable Long Island solar prices so that your family can enjoy clean and reliable solar.

Tariffs as high as 250% have been suggested for some imports.

Will This Affect Your Long Island Solar Installation in 2022?

Long Island solar installations for homes shouldn’t see any major differences in pricing in the coming months. Long-term, there is ample support in Congress and the industry to ensure that solar tariffs don’t cripple the industry. Tens of thousands of people are employed in the solar industry in America.

The biggest risks today surround large-scale solar projects used to power the grid. Tariffs could threaten America’s wider clean energy transition.

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Our Company Carefully Manages Your Costs

When you choose Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll join the SMART Solar Program. We developed the program to ensure that the cost of Solar Power on Long Island is manageable.

We keep costs competitive by working with the best suppliers and technology partners. We also focus on efficiency to minimize waste and bloated bills. We provide detailed estimates for solar power on Long Island, and a cost/benefit analysis for every customer. You’ll be able to look at your investment in the context of savings over time. Solar is more affordable than purchasing electricity from the grid. Even if you use financing for solar power on Long Island, repayments can be more affordable than your average utility bill.

NY Solar Tax Credits Can Help

In addition to our efficient cost-management, you will also have access to NY Solar Tax credits. A personal tax credit, a discount off the top of your bill from NYSERDA, and even the 26% federal dollar-for-dollar tax credit will make the investment even more affordable.

NY solar tax credits are designed as an incentive to get more families connected to clean energy, but it can be hard to keep up with changes in legislation. We will help you to determine which NY solar tax credits are available to you. We will use these credits to cover an initial interest-free period on financing with no money down in most cases.

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