Battery Energy Storage System

EVs with a Battery Energy Storage System is Reducing the Demand for Oil

Electric Vehicle (EV) viability has increased rapidly in recent years. With improvements in battery energy storage systems, EVs are more efficient with a longer range. It’s possible to use an EV today in all the same conditions as a gasoline vehicle, with all the same functionality and even some improvements. EVs have become so popular globally that they are now offsetting the demand for oil with a battery energy storage system, much like how solar power on Long Island is reducing the need for oil in power generation.

Displacing Millions of Barrels Every Day

According to new estimates from Bloomberg, electric vehicles are offsetting the demand for oil by 1.5 million barrels every day. This figure has doubled in just six years.

Buses are responsible for 16% of the barrels displaced, while passenger vehicles are responsible for around 13%. The remainder is made up of two and three-wheeled vehicles like electric motorcycles and scooters.

Electric vehicles using battery energy storage systems are clearly the future of automotive technology. With costs now comparable to traditional cars, trucks, and industrial vehicles, the rate of adoption is likely to increase.

We’re Seeing Similar Things on the Electrical Grid

While New York makes extensive use of hydroelectricity, oil is still a major fuel used to get electricity to your home on Long Island. PSEG, Con Edison, and Astoria are just three of the major electric generation companies using fuel oil in New York State. While natural gas is often used as secondary fuel, oil is the primary fuel for internal combustion plants.

With rooftop solar power on Long Island, you can reduce your reliance on the grid, and offset the demand for oil.

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How Efficient is Solar Power on Long Island?

Solar power is incredibly efficient. Even more so when it’s generated on your rooftop. Electricity distribution is inherently inefficient and it’s part of the reason why it costs so much to consume electricity in New York. When you have home solar power on Long Island, the electricity is converted once, and it is distributed over a short distance. It’s about as efficient of a distribution system as you can get.

Not only is there minimal loss between generation and conversion, but solar power on Long Island is also clean. You’ll reduce demand on the grid, just like EVs reduce the demand for gasoline and oil.

You can Even Add Solar Battery Energy Storage Systems

When solar panels shut down in the evening, you’ll take electricity from the grid. But with battery energy storage systems, you can reduce the amount. A battery system at home will allow you to store excess energy during the day and deploy it at night. You’ll pay even less to the utility company and outages on the grid won’t affect your home as long as you have energy stored.

Solar batteries dramatically improve the efficiency of a Long Island solar installation.

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