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Get Rid of PSEG Long Island with Solar – Is it Possible?

One of the key benefits of a Long Island solar installation is cost savings. Solar generates a return by reducing your need for electricity from the grid. Within the first eight years, most systems will pay for themselves in savings. If you want to get rid of PSEG Long Island, you might have considered solar to do it. While it’s not quite as simple as dumping your utility company completely, you can enjoy significant savings with a Long Island solar installation and net metering.

What is Net Metering with PSEG?

Net metering is key to getting the most from your Long Island solar installation. If you’re with PSEG Long Island, we’ll arrange for one of their technicians to come out after the solar is tested and working. They will replace your standard electrical meter with a digital meter designed for net metering. This new meter can spin in reverse.

Net metering is a billing term used to calculate the difference between the energy that you export and the energy that you import. There will be times of the year when your Long Island solar installation generates more electricity than you need. The excess will be exported to the grid for distribution. As it is exported, your PSEG meter will spin in reverse.

On days when you use more electricity than your solar system can produce, the meter will spin forward.

The readings will be accurate, calculating the “net” amount of energy used. So, if you consume more than you export then you will get a small electric bill from PSEG. If you export more than you consume, then the excess will be added to your account in the form of a credit bank.

What Happens with My Credit Bank?

Your credit bank will be automatically used on your bill. Let’s say you export more than you use in January, but then consume more than you export in February, the difference will first come from your credit bank. If there’s any bill left over, this is what you will be charged on your statement from PSEG Long Island.

There will be periods of the year when you consistently export more than you import, and at the end of the billing year, you will receive a check for anything left in your credit bank.

While it’s not possible to completely get rid of PSEG Long Island, there will be times when the company sends you a check. That’s one way to make up for the ridiculous energy costs on Long Island!

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How Much Will Solar Reduce Energy Cost on Long Island?

Most solar systems will generate a surplus so you should at least be able to offset your bill during the months when solar production is low.

For some families, solar will reduce energy cost on Long Island to a point where on certain months the bill will only include a hook-up charge.

It’s different for everyone, which is why you need good information before you commit to having a Long Island solar installation. At Long Island Power Solutions, we will provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis so that you can determine if solar is right for you.

If it won’t reduce energy cost on Long Island and there are no other practical benefits, we won’t recommend a Long Island solar installation. Ultimately, we want our customers to save money with solar. We’re always completely transparent when providing advice and making recommendations.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Say Goodbye to PSEG Rising Energy Costs on Long Island

With the right system, you can protect yourself from rising energy costs on Long Island. New York has the highest electric rates of any state outside of Alaska and Hawaii. Our grid is outdated, and outages are frequent. PSEG Long Island charges high rates for electricity yet the service is often below what could be considered reasonable.

You can enjoy energy independence with a Long Island solar installation. Start with your free solar estimate, get your detailed cost/benefit analysis, and get rid of PSEG’s huge bills. Solar makes it cleaner and more affordable to power your home, with a return on investment over time.

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