Long Island No Cost Solar and Other Red Flags to Avoid

America’s renewable energy transition is well underway. Solar power on Long Island has become the most efficient and affordable way to get electricity. But with the popularity of solar, we’re also seeing the unfortunate reality of solar scams and bad deals.

Clean Energy with the SMART Solar Program in West Hills

Solar is one of the most reliable ways to save money at home. The average system pays for itself within the first 10 years of ownership, and panels can last for 25 to 30 years in most conditions. With the SMART Solar Program in West Hills

Is Perovskite Ready for Commercial Solar Power on Long Island?

Commercial solar power on Long Island can provide significant savings for businesses while helping to achieve environmental goals. In recent months, Perovskite has emerged as a potential material for more efficient solar panels.

The White House Had Solar in 1979 – You’ll Do Better with the Best Solar Companies on Long Island

If you’re planning to get solar power on Long Island, a lot of the information you have about panels will come from the modern era. What many people don’t realize is that solar panels have been around for generations, going back much longer than you might think.

How Solar Incentives in Woodmere Help You Go Green

You can offset your environmental impact by choosing solar for your home. Solar incentives in Woodmere can help to reduce the cost of installing solar, giving you a cost-efficient way to also become energy-efficient.

Apply Your New York Solar Tax Credit to a Long Island Solar Installation

Spring is right around the corner and soon it’s going to be the peak time of year to generate solar energy. Beginning the process of a Long Island solar installation can get you ready for the long days of summer ahead.

Another State Joins Push for Decarbonization with Solar and Solar Backup Power

New York is one of the most progressive energy states, with countless homeowners switching to efficient solar panels and solar backup power. Solar is also widely used for grid-scale projects, agriculture, education, and in the private sector.

The Future of Solar House Battery Backup

Lithium-ion batteries are the standard technology used today for solar house battery backup. While relatively efficient and highly reliable, this technology does have downsides. There’s a limited lifespan for these batteries,

Make Sure Your Lattingtown Solar Company Can Do This

Choosing the right Lattingtown solar company comes down to some research and a lot of trust. Before you put your trust in a local solar installer, you need to make sure that the company meets the basic requirements.

How Safe are Your New York State Credits for Solar?

If you’re considering solar power on Long Island, various New York state credits can make the installation more affordable. State and federal credits can significantly reduce the cost of converting your home to solar.