Solar Panel Installation

American-Made Panels for Solar Panel Installation on Long Island

When you schedule solar panel installation on Long Island, the equipment on your roof will include components that come from around the world. But this is set to change in the future. The world’s largest solar manufacturers are setting up factories in America. This will help to alleviate supply chain issues while creating tens of thousands of new jobs. The latest research suggests that domestic production will also have environmental benefits that go beyond rooftop solar panel installation.

Domestic Production Can Help the U.S. Meet its Climate Goals

If you install solar power on Long Island, you’ll shrink the carbon footprint of your home. As more families switch to solar power on Long Island, there will be less demand placed on the old and outdated grid. While New York generates a lot of electricity from renewable sources, some of the electricity on Long Island and in New York City is generated from fuel oil. The more families and businesses that switch, the less reliance there will be on carbon-based fuel.

But even beyond this, there can still be a high environmental impact attached to solar panels. When panels are produced overseas, as most are today, the energy used to produce them can come from burning coal, fuel oil, and other non-renewable sources.

Researchers have found that by moving solar panel manufacturing to the U.S., there will be less carbon used to produce every solar panel. This is because America uses a relatively high amount of renewable energy on an industrial scale when compared to China, Vietnam, and other countries where most of the world’s solar panels are made.

In a recent report, researchers found that greenhouse gas emissions from solar panel production will be reduced by 30% if America can meet its climate goals by 2035.

There will also be less carbon output created from shipping solar panels to the U.S. When production is domestic, it makes the entire supply chain more efficient.

What’s the takeaway? As more manufacturers move back to the U.S. to produce their solar panels, the panels will have a smaller carbon footprint attached to their manufacturing. Ultimately, solar panels will be “greener”, even before they’re installed on a rooftop.

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The Best Panels for Your Long Island Solar Panel Installation

Long Island Power Solutions will plan your solar panel installation with the best equipment available from our trusted suppliers and partners. Equipment is sourced both domestically and internationally.

We partner with solar-focused companies like Tesla and Q Cells to ensure that your solar panel installation is efficient, with a minimal carbon footprint from production to your rooftop.

Even though the American industry still relies heavily on imported solar panels, the market is rapidly changing. Q Cells is one company that is investing heavily in U.S. production. It is expected to have 3 GW of manufacturing capability in the U.S. by the end of 2023.

Get Your Long Island Solar Installation from an Environmentally Focused Team

At Long Island Power Solutions, we are committed to providing affordable and environmentally beneficial solutions. We carefully choose our solar partners and design our systems to be efficient, affordable, and better for the environment.

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