Smart Solar Systems

Research Says Crops Could Benefit Smart Solar Systems

Solar farms can generate utility-scale electricity for cleaner energy in cities, towns, and villages. While large solar farms have sometimes been seen as harming land that could otherwise be used for crops, new research says that crops may benefit from solar panels. Smart solar systems can be developed where crop conditions are enhanced while solar efficiency is increased.

Here’s the latest solar news as you get ready for your home energy transformation with Long Island solar installation.

How Would a Smart Solar System Work with Crops?

In New York State, up to 40 percent of utility-scale solar generation is built on top of land that was previously suited to agriculture. According to research published by Cornell University, 80 percent of all land suitable for utility-scale solar is agricultural land.

Until now, this has led to compromises. When smart solar systems are developed for utility-scale use, the land is no longer used for agriculture. There’s a net benefit with clean energy generation, but there’s still a loss of agricultural land, which could become problematic in the long term.

The latest research indicates that utility-scale smart solar systems could be installed without the need to eliminate crops or completely write off agricultural land.

The research finds that…

  • Solar panels installed above vegetation like food crops can operate at lower temperatures, thanks to a passive cooling effect. This helps to keep smart solar systems more efficient while also improving overall durability.
  • The cooling effect is increased when the panels are raised higher, using custom stands and platforms.
  • Crops can still grow below solar panels, and reflective ground cover can ensure enough sunlight for vegetation so that crops grow efficiently.

It’s an interesting development. It means that in the near future, there may be fewer compromises when installing utility-scale solar.

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There are Also Cooling Benefits with Home Solar Power on Long Island

You might wonder how such research applies to your residential Long Island solar installation. While it’s not quite a direct comparison, there’s also a cooling effect when you install solar power on Long Island.

Solar panels on your roof absorb energy from light, they also keep sunlight off of your roof wherever they are installed. In most cases, this can result in a cooler home during the summer. Your roof and attic temperatures will be lower, which can result in a few degrees of difference inside your home.

The cooling effect of rooftop solar panels can mean that you spend less energy cooling your home with air conditioners during the summer. Although it’s not one of the heavily advertised benefits of a Long Island solar installation, it’s still an important one that you will come to appreciate over the years.

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