Solar in Roslyn

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Get Solar in Roslyn NY

Roslyn is a lovely corner of Nassau County where a modern lifestyle and scenic beauty combine for beautiful neighborhoods and convenient living. For a town where the history and natural features are front and center, it makes sense to want to protect and preserve it all. Solar in Roslyn is the best way to reduce environmental impact while also saving money and generating a return on investment.

Here are the questions you should consider as you think about getting home solar in Roslyn NY.

Do You Want to Have Roslyn Solar with Protection from Outages?

You can install home solar with a battery backup system to give you protection from outages. The grid on Long Island is old and outdated, and the rates are some of the highest in America. You can save money by relying less on your utility provider. You can also have a battery system so that if the grid goes down, your home will still have electricity.

With savings and the redundancy provided by solar battery backup, you can enjoy real energy independence.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Can You Afford Solar ?

With current tax incentives and other benefits, the average family can afford solar in Roslyn NY. There are incentives like a 30% federal tax credit, a direct NYSERDA incentive that comes off the top of your bill, and there’s also a state tax credit.

Even if you can’t pay for solar upfront, you can get solar financing in Roslyn.

Long Island Power Solutions can help you with solar financing in Roslyn with no money down. The financing will be split into two loans. The first is interest-free and will be based on your expected tax credits. The second covers the remaining balance of the bill at a competitive interest rate. You’ll choose the length of the second loan so that you can manage repayments.

Even with financing, your monthly expenses could stay consistent because solar will reduce your utility bill. Once it’s paid off, all the savings are yours to enjoy.

Have You Found a Local Roslyn Solar Company?

If you’re thinking of going solar, you’ll need a trusted Roslyn solar company. If you haven’t found the right installer, it’s time to talk to Long Island Power Solutions. Our team is one of the most experienced on Long Island, with more than 5,000 systems installed so far.

As a local Roslyn solar company, we understand the unique needs of solar in the region. We can help you to choose the right system to suit your needs, with a range of options including Tesla Solar and our custom-engineered solutions using equipment from top-tier manufacturers like LG Solar and Q Cells.

Do You Want to Make a Lasting Investment in Your Home?

When it comes to home improvements, none of the most popular renovations come close to an investment in solar in Roslyn.

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home. Panels last an average of 25 to 30 years, so the value they create is long-lasting. Even if you have no intention of selling your home today or even in a few years, solar could still affect the home’s value and appeal in 10 or even 15 years.

Solar is also an investment in the sense that it can save you money and eventually provide a return. Most solar installations pay through in savings within the first 10 years. Everything beyond that is money that can go back into your pocket.

Get Your Roslyn Free Home Solar Estimate

Don’t wait for rates to increase even more. Get your Roslyn free home solar estimate with a complete cost/benefit analysis. You won’t need to guess when it comes to the benefits and savings available with solar in Roslyn NY. We’ll provide you with all of the information so you can make a decision that suits your needs.

Get started with Long Island Power Solutions, and enjoy a stress-free process to get solar panels at your home.

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