No Cost Solar

Long Island No Cost Solar and Other Red Flags to Avoid

America’s renewable energy transition is well underway. Solar power on Long Island has become the most efficient and affordable way to get electricity. But with the popularity of solar, we’re also seeing the unfortunate reality of solar scams and bad deals. Offers like no cost solar, and unusually low installation costs might seem appealing, but they could also be red flags.

Networks from CNET to CNN have run stories throughout February of various solar scams occurring around the nation. Sometimes they’re outright rip-offs, such as the case of Florida residents signing up with a company that fraudulently signed financing documents. Other times there are real solar panels at the end of the process, but the sales tactics are so deceptive that families end up losing out with poor deals based on misinformation.

If you want to stay protected when getting solar power on Long Island, these are the red flags you need to avoid.

Red Flag: No Cost Solar

The biggest red flag of all is when a company tells you that you can get no cost solar. This usually comes in the form of a “free installation”. The reality is that there’s no such thing as no cost solar. There are extensive moving parts to a Long Island solar installation, and the costs need to be covered somewhere.

While you can’t get no cost solar, you can get solar with no money down. This means that you can get installed with financing, without paying money upfront. Long Island Power Solutions offers this with our financing program. The no money down means you can get installed and immediately get signed up for an interest-free period based on expected tax credits. After the interest-free period ends, the rest of your bill will be distributed over a term of your choosing with a competitive interest rate.

We are completely transparent with our affordable solar financing on Long Island.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Red Flag: Incentives for Solar Power on Long Island are Going Away

Some solar companies will try and sell you on the fear that incentives for solar power on Long Island are going away. The reality is that incentives will eventually end, or at least reduce by a dramatic amount. But, for the foreseeable future, State and Federal solar incentives are here to stay. The 30% Federal solar tax credit is one of the most important incentives, and it’s funded for the next nine years!

Red Flag: The Long Island Solar Installation Isn’t NYSERDA Accredited

You can determine the trustworthiness of a company by determining if it is a NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer. Long Island Power Solutions is a Quality Solar Installer under NYSERDA’s NY-Sun Program. This gives you access to a direct incentive and is also a mark of quality indicating that we meet the highest standards set by the State regulator.

Avoid companies that lack accreditations with reputable energy groups and government programs.

Red Flag: You Won’t Get a Utility Bill

Some installers will oversell the potential of a Long Island solar installation, falsely claiming that you won’t get a utility bill with solar. You will still get a bill with solar, but it will be dramatically reduced if you get a system appropriately sized for your home.

When you get a Long Island solar installation from our team, it will be prefaced by a detailed consultation and a cost/benefit analysis, so you’ll know whether solar is worth it before you commit to the installation.

Get an Honest Deal from Long Island Power Solutions

Don’t get a bad deal on solar. You can trust the team at Long Island Power Solutions to give you real information, honest assessments, and accurate information. We have installed more than 5,000 systems across Long Island and are locally based and trusted by the community.

Get your free solar estimate and learn about solar for your home, without any of the red flags. No cost solar might be appealing, but it doesn’t exist. The next best thing is solar with zero deposit from Long Island Power Solutions.

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