SMART Solar Program in West Hills

Clean Energy with the SMART Solar Program in West Hills

Solar is one of the most reliable ways to save money at home. The average system pays for itself within the first 10 years of ownership, and panels can last for 25 to 30 years in most conditions. With the SMART Solar Program in West Hills, things are kept simple. The team at Long Island Power Solutions has developed the SMART Solar Program in West Hills to improve the value and experience of owning a solar system. Learn why this is the best way to get clean energy on Long Island.

How Clean is Solar Power in West Hills NY?

Solar energy is considered one of the cleanest forms of energy available today. Generating solar power in West Hills NY doesn’t create any emissions or harmful contaminants in the air. Installing a system for solar power in West Hills NY can help to reduce greenhouse emissions and will shrink the carbon footprint of your home.

The only real environmental impact of solar is the energy and materials used to produce the panels. Chemicals and materials could create a negative environmental impact if sustainability isn’t carefully managed. At Long Island Power Solutions, we source our solar panels from the most trusted manufacturers that follow ethical and environmentally responsible processes. Solar panels can produce up to 100x the energy used for production over the 25 to 30 year life cycle.

Although financial savings are often the most important element of switching to solar, most families want to know that the solution is also beneficial for the environment. You can have confidence knowing that solar power in West Hills NY is not only clean but that it can produce more energy than is used in the production and supply chain areas.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

What is the SMART Solar Program in West Hills?

We developed the SMART Solar Program in West Hills to ensure a smooth experience from the initial estimate, right through to the long-term maintenance of solar panels.

There are a few key elements of our SMART Solar Program in West Hills that will make it worthwhile for you…

  • All of our customers join the SMART Solar Program for free.
  • We offer a free Energy Savings Assessment which includes a cost/benefit breakdown.
  • You will have access to consumption monitoring through smartphone apps.
  • All systems are covered by a 25-Year Warranty.
  • We use high-quality low-penetration racking and flashing for an aesthetic and stable installation.
  • We provide long-term support throughout the solar panel lifetime.

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most experienced solar companies in New York State. We’ve connected more than 5,000 customers as of 2023, and we have gained the trust of communities throughout Long Island.

Because we’re local, you’ll always have support when you need it. We are familiar with all local regulations and can even help you to determine which tax benefits and credits are available for solar power in West Hills, NY.

No Money Down Solar – Get Connected Without a Deposit

You don’t need to pay anything upfront when you get solar installed with us. We offer no money down solar financing, based on expected tax incentives and credits. An initial period will be interest-free, based on the total value of credits and incentives. The remainder of the bill is applied to a second loan.

You can choose the term for no money down solar. Pay larger installments and you’ll pay less interest. Or, you could pay lower installments to keep your monthly expenses manageable.

Even with financing, you can generate a return on your investment in solar. Most systems can generate savings equal to the cost of installation, within the first ten years.

No money down solar financing is the easiest way to get your home connected to solar.

It’s Time to Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate

You deserve a more efficient and reliable way to power your home. Solar is the answer. With the SMART Solar Program in West Hills, it’s easier than ever. Choose a NYSERDA Approved company with the best reputation on Long Island. Get your free home solar estimate from Long Island Power Solutions today.

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