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Is Perovskite Ready for Commercial Solar Power on Long Island?

Commercial solar power on Long Island can provide significant savings for businesses while helping to achieve environmental goals. In recent months, Perovskite has emerged as a potential material for more efficient solar panels. You might have read one of the numerous news stories covering the materials, and you’d have some questions to go along with this.

Can you get commercial solar with Perovskite panels today? Is it even worth looking into this potential new technology? Let’s find out…

What is Perovskite?

Perovskite is an advanced calcium titanium oxide mineral. Its chemical structure is abundant, which is why it’s being heavily researched for applications ranging from commercial solar panel manufacturing to semiconductor manufacturing.

It’s a particularly interesting material for commercial solar. This is due to its potential for high efficiency. Current solar panel technology allows for efficiency ratings approaching 25%. This is an indicator of how good a solar panel is at converting light into electricity. In the last week, news has emerged that Perovskite could improve residential and commercial solar panel efficiency by around 250%, which could create significantly better panels in the future.

To put it into context, if a solar panel is more efficient, it can create more electricity while the sun is shining. This could mean that businesses get all of their electricity from the sun during the day, while also exporting excess to the grid to generate credits with utility companies.

Higher efficiency would significantly improve the return on investment for solar power on Long Island. The problem with Perovskite today is that the material is unstable when used for solar panels, so the durability isn’t quite where it needs to be yet. Researchers are addressing this by combining Perovskite with other materials. It could mean that in a few years, a Perovskite-based panel could enter the mainstream market.

Of course, this all depends on how far the research goes. As it stands today, traditional solar panels are still the best option for businesses.

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Why You Should Invest in Commercial Solar Power on Long Island

You could gain significant advantages with an investment in solar power on Long Island.

  • Solar panels reduce reliance on the grid so you’ll pay lower utility costs.
  • You could add battery backup for commercial solar power on Long Island, giving you redundancy in case the grid goes down.
  • Solar panels could provide tax advantages for your business.
  • You could achieve your environmental goals by lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Modern consumers see environmental initiatives as being positive, so solar panels could potentially strengthen your brand.

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