Best Solar Companies Near Me

Where are the Best Solar Companies Near Me?

Just this week, Dutch automaker Lightyear revealed an EV that takes current technologies a step forward. Unlike models from companies like Tesla, the new Lightyear has integrated solar panels, which can charge the internal batteries for around 44 miles of daily range.
East Patchogue Solar Company

How to Get Solar Installed by an East Patchogue Solar Company

If you’re looking for the most efficient and affordable way to power your home, solar is the answer. With our East Patchogue solar company, you’ll enjoy a stress-free consultation and a smooth installation with all the details taken care of. Learn more...
Long Island Solar

Solar Tariffs and Your Long Island Solar Installation

The Biden Administration is reportedly planning a halt on solar tariffs to benefit large-scale solar projects, right through to homeowners seeking Long Island solar installation. The move would offset the damage being caused by an ongoing Commerce Department investigation.
Nassau County Solar

Do You Need a Backup Battery for Nassau County Solar?

Battery technology is constantly evolving with improvements in capacity and efficiency. If you’re planning on having a Long Island solar installation, you can have a battery backup installed at the same time. Here’s why you should consider one…
Install Solar in Hauppauge NY

When is the Best Time to Install Solar in Hauppauge NY?

With home improvements, there’s often a “best” time of year to get started on projects. For solar, things are a little different, and you can generally install solar in Hauppauge NY at any time of the year providing that the weather is clear and it’s safe for installers to work on your roof.
Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions

What is the Best Solar Panel for Cloudy Conditions?

On Long Island, we enjoy more than 200 sunny or partly sunny days every year. Solar power on Long Island relies on sunshine for maximum efficiency. With the best solar panel for cloudy conditions, you can get the highest possible efficiency even when the sun is obscured by the clouds.
solar house battery

The Supply Chain for Solar House Battery Systems is Growing

With a solar house battery, you can increase the efficiency of your Long Island solar installation. A battery can provide backup for an emergency and deploy in the evenings when your solar panels have shut down. Learn more!
Home Solar Installation in Seaford NY

How to Finance Your Home Solar Installation in Seaford NY

With a home solar installation in Seaford NY, you can enjoy affordable and clean energy for your home. Solar power in Seaford NY is a great investment. Learn about our process and see how it’s easier than ever to get solar done right.
Long Island Solar Prices and Tariffs

U.S. Lawmakers Oppose Solar Tariffs

The Department of Commerce is still pushing ahead with an investigation into alleged tariff avoidance for solar panels. The industry is against the inquiry stating that it has no merit and that any retroactive tariffs would threaten the U.S. solar industry.