Long Island Emergency Power

Avoid Outages with Long Island Emergency Power

Long Island gets more than its fair share of extreme weather events. From heat waves to intense Atlantic storms, we have adapted to become more resilient as a community. We are, of course, not the only region to face weather extremes. Texas is in the news this week for the intense heat wave that is hitting the state. The weekend saw some of the highest temperatures on record, and families will see their energy demands surge over the next week. Utility companies will struggle to meet these demands, and power outages are a possibility. Texans with solar and battery backup will be shielded from any outages. While the news might not affect us on the East Coast, we can take a minute to consider how Long Island emergency power could be useful.

Solar power on Long Island can be combined with Long Island emergency power in the form of a battery backup system. This could prepare your home for any severe weather event and loss of power on the grid.

How Backup Solar Power on Long Island Protects You From Outages

With solar power on Long Island, you can dramatically reduce your utility bills. Solar will power your home throughout the day and excess energy will be exported to the grid. When you export, you’ll receive credits under a net metering agreement with your utility provider. These credits will offset the energy that you take from the grid during the evenings, and whenever solar production is low.

Even without a battery system, you can generate significant savings with solar. But you will still be vulnerable to outages. Your solar power on Long Island will shut down when the grid is offline. You can avoid this with a battery system for emergency power.

A solar battery will keep your system up, even if the grid goes down. And there are other practical advantages to enjoy.

The Most Important Advantages of a Battery Backup

Long island emergency power can keep your home running during an outage, but there are more advantages to enjoy. Your system can be expertly configured by Long Island Power Solutions.

Ask our team about Long Island emergency power for:

  • Backup power when the grid goes down: Your battery will power your home at night, while your panels will power your home and recharge the batteries during the day.
  • Offset peak times: A solar battery can deploy electricity during peak times when rates are at their highest. This will maximize your savings even when the sun is down.
  • Provide peace of mind: It’s not just storms that cause the grid to go out. New York’s power grid is notoriously unreliable, even on Long Island. You can have confidence that your home will be powered in any scenario.

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Start with a Free Long Island Solar Installation Estimate

You can get a ballpark solar estimate from our team. Long Island solar installation can include panels and a battery backup system. We can also offer other alternatives including gas-powered generators that automatically cut over during outages.

Every home has unique needs. We’ll look at your typical usage, history of outages, and your bills to determine the best solution. Long Island solar installation is made easy with our detailed consultations. You can even take advantage of federal and NYS tax credits and incentives for solar. We offer no money down financing through our partners, with an interest-free period.

Talk to the Experts at Long Island Power Solutions

Whether you’re looking for Long Island emergency power or a complete solar solution, our team is standing by to help. Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems for satisfied families and businesses. Get your free solar estimate and look forward to your energy independence.

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