West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

The Benefits of a West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

Solar panels can make your home more efficient with affordable electricity. But you can really maximize the benefits when you add a West Islip solar battery backup system.

Battery backup kicks solar up a gear to improve the savings, reliability, and even the versatility of the entire system. Explore the advantages to help you decide the type of system that would best suit your home.

Keep Your Lights on When the Grid Goes Down

One of the most obvious advantages of a solar battery is the fact that it can act as a backup when the grid goes down. During an outage, your solar panels will shut down if there’s no battery connected to your system. This protects the grid from damage and ensures that technicians can safely and quickly restore electricity.

If you have a battery, your home will run independently of the grid, even during a brownout. A battery can unlock your true energy independence, where your lights and appliances stay on, no matter what’s happening out on the grid.

Save More with a West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

In addition to reliability, a West Islip solar battery backup system can also help to enhance your savings.

With solar panels alone, you’ll consume electricity from the grid during the evenings. You’ll generate credits with Net metering so the energy that you export during the day will reduce your bill. But you’ll still be charged at a high rate during peak hours, which can quickly use your net metering credits.

With a solar battery, you can have the system deploy electricity to your home during peak hours. This will protect you when rates are at their highest, and you’ll enjoy a greater return on investment over time.

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Freedom to Choose with Battery Backup Installers in West Islip NY

A battery backup system can be configured to act purely as a backup. If you want to maximize your savings, the battery can operate in a deployment mode where it harvests during the day and distributes electricity at night. Alternatively, you can have it operate in a hybrid mode where it deploys for cost savings, while also acting as a backup if the grid goes down.

The exact configuration depends on the system. As the best battery backup installers in West Islip NY, we can set your system up in a way that suits your unique needs.

How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost on Long Island?

One of the most important questions you can ask at this stage is: how much does a solar battery backup system cost on Long Island?

It’s a valid question but it’s also one that’s difficult to answer without knowing how big your system will be and considering your average usage. The best way to learn how much does a solar battery backup system cost on Long Island is to request your free quote from Long Island Power Solutions. We can provide a ballpark solar quote from our satellite data. Then, in our detailed consultation, we can look at your usage patterns and determine the best battery system for your needs.

The cost of a solar battery can be included with the bill for your system, so you can take advantage of solar tax credits and incentives to offset the cost. We’ll help you to determine which programs you’re eligible for. We can even use expected tax credits as the basis for no money down solar financing with an interest-free period.

Talk to the Solar Experts on Long Island

The team at Long Island Power Solutions can engineer a solar solution that suits your unique needs. A West Islip solar battery backup system could be exactly what you need to maximize the benefits of solar.

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