Best Solar Companies Near Me

Ready to go Renewable – Where are the Best Solar Companies Near Me?

The news surrounding renewable energy gets more exciting every day. Just this week, Dutch automaker Lightyear revealed an EV that takes current technologies a step forward. Unlike models from companies like Tesla, the new Lightyear has integrated solar panels, which can charge the internal batteries for around 44 miles of the daily range. When fully charged from an outlet, the EV can travel up to 388 miles. This is a significant development, especially considering that the average commute is 41 miles per day. Imagine owning a car that can charge using sunlight and get you to and from work. It’s a technology like this that is changing the way we look at renewables. It’s not just in cars that we see developments. At home, you can install solar power on Long Island that covers all of your daily needs and significantly reduces your utility bill. The only question you have to ask is: where are the best solar companies near me?

Long Island Power Solutions Gets Solar Done Right

If you’ve been searching for the “best solar companies near me”, you’ll find that Long Island Power Solutions ticks all of the right boxes.

As innovators in the automotive and wider solar market, we are focused on efficiency and innovative technologies. We have a passion for designing and installing solar power on Long Island that can save you money and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

With an experienced team, we will work with you to understand your needs and what it is that you want to get out of solar panels. Whether you want more reliable electricity with battery backup, or if you simply want to maximize your savings, we’ll design something that suits your budget.

With the SMART Solar Program, we ensure efficiency at every step of the process, and we’ll provide a cost/benefit analysis so you can see the savings that solar panels would generate.

The average solar system will pay for itself in savings within eight to ten years. Panels can last for decades.

More than 5,000 homes and businesses put their trust in Long Island Power Solutions for clean and efficient solar.

A Carbon-Neutral Home with Solar Power on Long Island

With solar power on Long Island, you can have a home that is truly carbon neutral. The energy that your panels generate during the day can be exported to the grid. Even when you take energy from the grid at peak hours, your usage will be offset. You’ll feel better about a home that has less impact on the environment. And you’ll save money in the process.

Are you asking yourself, where are the best solar companies near me? Well… you found us! Call now!

Getting a Free Estimate for Long Island Solar Installation

We offer free ballpark estimates for solar, using satellite data. You can then join our SMART Solar Program for a detailed consultation, on-site estimate, and cost/benefit analysis.

We don’t push our customers to install solar. We give the data for Long Island solar installation so that you can determine if it makes sense. We are committed to your savings. If solar isn’t right for your home, we’ll be honest about it.

We provide the information. You make the choice. This is how solar should be.

Can I Finance with the Best Solar Companies Near Me?

Some people want to start talking to the “best solar companies near me” but aren’t sure about the cost. Solar is an investment that generates a return. But the initial cost can be significant.

Our team makes it easier to get your Long Island solar installation with no-money-down financing. We base an initial interest-free period on your expected NY solar tax credits and incentives. The second period of financing can be set at a term of your choosing, and we offer the most competitive rates through our financing partners.

If you’re paying the ridiculous electric utility rates on Long Island, chances are that you can afford solar. Even with financing, monthly repayments can be lower than your typical electric bill.

You can end your search for the “best solar companies near me” because everything you need is here at Long Island Power Solutions. Get your free estimate and talk to the most experienced solar consultants on Long Island today.

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