SMART solar financing

Beat Inflation with Smart Solar Financing

Inflation is a major concern in the United States today. The price of goods is increasing, and interest rates are following. The cost of borrowing could become significantly more expensive in the coming months. If you want to beat inflation, especially when it comes to the rising cost of electricity, you can consider Long Island solar installation with SMART Solar Financing.

The U.S. inflation rate was 8.3% in May 2022. That’s more than double the normal average inflation rate.

Interest rates are expected to increase dramatically in the second half of this year, but you can still get access to SMART solar financing with affordable rates today.

SMART Solar Financing with Long Island Power Solutions

When you install solar power on Long Island you can choose to do it the SMART way. The SMART Solar Program is designed to make solar power on Long Island more affordable and more accessible for the average family. It’s exclusive to Long Island Power Solutions.

One of the key aspects of the program is our SMART solar financing. This helps you in a couple of ways…

  • For approved borrowers, SMART solar financing is available with no money down. We can finance an initial loan based on expected tax credits from the state and federal governments. When you receive your credits, you can pay the loan off in full.
  • The remainder of your bill can be applied to a second loan with a term that you choose. We’ll help you to decide on a term so that repayments are manageable. We offer some of the best rates in the industry through expert lending partners like Sungage.

With affordable financing, you can get solar power on Long Island and avoid the skyrocketing electricity rates. Over time, your solar system will even generate a return on investment, so you’ll come out better off in the long term.

Inflation can make day-to-day expenses much harder to meet. With an investment in solar, you can dramatically reduce your utility bill and you’ll be far better prepared to face any challenging economic conditions that develop.

It can also provide electricity to your home during peak hours when rates are at their highest.

SMART Solar Financing can get you into solar Quicker and Cheaper! Give us a call today to find out how!

Energy Security for Your Home with a Long Island Solar Installation

The price of energy is rapidly rising. Your family is probably feeling it at the pump. Gas prices average around $5 per gallon today. Some analysts believe that prices will hit $6 per gallon before the end of the year.

Even electricity producers need to consume fuel oil, so they’re going to feel the pinch, too. Electric utility rates will likely increase before the end of this year. New York already pays more than any other state outside of Hawaii and Alaska.

You can enjoy more energy security with a Long Island solar installation. We can install a battery backup system so that no matter the demand on the grid, or the weather, you will have an emergency power backup at home.

A solar battery can be configured to work purely as a backup.

Getting a Quote for Solar Power on Long Island

We offer free estimates for solar power on Long Island using satellite data. If you are impressed by the numbers, we can proceed to a detailed consultation and site visit.

It costs nothing to learn about the cost of solar today. SMART solar financing makes it easier than ever to get connected. Get your solar estimate from Long Island Power Solutions. Solar panels on your roof could make a huge difference as we move to an era of higher prices.

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!