SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY

What is the SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY?

Solar is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of owning a home. With solar power in Massapequa NY, you’ll have a smaller utility bill, and the savings will increase over time. At Long Island Power Solutions, we’ve made things even better with the SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY. It’s our way to ensure that we deliver savings and reliability for every customer. Learn about the SMART Solar Program and how it can ensure that you can get more out of your switch to solar power.

The SMART Solar Program

Solar is an investment that returns a dividend. Not only will solar pay for itself over time, but it will also provide a host of practical benefits that your entire family will appreciate.

The SMART Solar Program in Massapequa has been developed to ensure that the transition to solar is simple and that the potential savings are maximized throughout the lifetime of your system. There are six unique elements to SMART Solar with Long Island Power Solutions. Best of all, all of our customers are signed up for free.

  • Get a Free Cost/Benefit Analysis – Solar is an investment, so you should consider the financial benefits. Most homes are suited to solar, but you need real data to make a decision. We provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis for solar power.
  • Continuous Active Monitoring – With the SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY, you can have confidence knowing that your system is actively monitored for reliability.
  • Consumption Monitoring – With convenient smartphone apps, you’ll be able to check solar production and usage. You can track your energy usage patterns at any time, anywhere that you have an internet connection.
  • Solar Warranty – Our solar panels are designed and installed to last. You’ll have protection with a 25-Year Warranty on your new panels.
  • Low-penetration Racking and Flashing – The installation is one of the most important steps of getting solar power in Massapequa NY. Our experienced solar roofers use low-penetration mounting equipment to ensure stability and safety, without damaging your roof.
  • Support When You Need It – Our support staff will be available any time that you have questions or concerns about your system, and we can dispatch technicians for rare issues that can’t be resolved remotely.

The SMART Solar Program gives you more value from your switch to solar.

No Money Down Solar in Massapequa NY

If you want solar but aren’t ready to pay for your system upfront, you can still start saving with our no-money-down solar in Massapequa NY.

We split our no money down solar in Massapequa NY into two financing terms. The first is based on your NY solar tax credits and incentives. This is interest-free and paid in full once you receive your benefits. The rest of the system is added to a second loan with a competitive interest rate. You can choose the term, so payments will be manageable and comparable to your utility bill without solar.

However you want to break it down, we can work with you. Trust Long Island Power Solutions for the best no-money-down solar in Massapequa NY.

Interested in our SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY? Give us a call today!

Start with Your Free Home Solar Estimate

It doesn’t cost anything to get a ballpark figure on your solar installation. With a free home solar estimate based on satellite data, you can decide if you’re ready to take the next step. Our free home solar estimate is obligation-free.

If you like what you see in the free home solar estimate, we’ll proceed to your detailed consultation with an on-site visit and cost/benefit analysis. The entire process is kept simple and stress-free. We’ll even take care of the permitting in-house once you’re ready to move ahead. The physical installation is completed in a single day, thanks to our highly trained and efficient solar roofing technicians.

Make the Switch to Solar Power

When you choose to install solar power in Massapequa NY you’ll enjoy long-term savings, reliability, and even protection from outages with an optional solar battery. No company makes it easier to go green with rooftop solar panels.

Start with your estimate, join the SMART Solar Program for Massapequa NY, and enjoy decades of energy independence and freedom from the ludicrous electricity prices on Long Island.

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!