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5 Steps for Solar Installation in Shirley NY

You can save money and enjoy a more efficient home with solar installation in Shirley NY. With skyrocketing energy prices on Long Island, home solar in Shirley is one of the most important investments you will make. With Long Island Power Solutions, the process is simple and stress-free. In just a few steps that start with your free home solar estimate, you’ll have reliable clean energy.

Step 1: Free Home Solar Estimate and Consultation

You can start with a free home solar estimate today. We use satellite data to determine the solar potential of your home. If you’re happy with the ballpark estimate, we’ll proceed to the consultation and design brief. Solar installation in Shirley NY is planned by our engineers with a focus on savings, efficiency, and reliability.

Step 2: An On-Site Survey for Home Solar in Shirley

The satellite data provides the ideal starting point and the initial estimate for home solar in Shirley. Even ballpark estimates are surprisingly accurate. The next step is to schedule an on-site survey where we will look at your roof and provide a final quote. We’ll consider the age and condition of your roof, any surrounding shade structures, and the orientation of your home relative to the sun. We provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis so you can make an informed decision.

Step 3: Permits for Solar Installation in Shirley NY

Solar permits are important for the industry. We will design your system and obtain the appropriate permits. This saves time on your end because you won’t have to go through the application process. It’s all taken care of by our team. We design solar installation in Shirley NY so that it is compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. This ensures that there are no setbacks during the permitting stage.

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Step 4: One-Day Solar Installation

All but the largest and most complex solar installations are completed in a single day. We’ll schedule a time and date suitable for you. Our technicians will work safely and efficiently while respecting and protecting your property. We use low-penetration racking and flashing so that solar panels are stable without the risk of damage to your roof. When it’s all done, we’ll clean up all the mess and will leave nothing behind. You’ll be left with a clean and reliable solar system of your own.

Our Shirley NY solar installation company has extensive experience in the roofing and solar installation. If you need a new roof before solar panels, we can take care of the entire project. Solar panels are expected to last up to 30 years so if your roof needs repair or replacement in the next five years it’s usually more economical to combine the projects.

Step 5: In-Home Welcome Meeting

A solar specialist will conduct an in-home welcome meeting with you to explain all aspects of the system. We’ll get you started with smart monitoring apps that you can use from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Your system will be monitored 24/7 and you’ll be able to track production and usage, as well as storage if you have a solar battery. Every system we install is covered by a 25-Year warranty.

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It doesn’t cost you anything to learn more about clean energy with a free home solar estimate. Our Shirley NY solar installation company has installed more than 5,000 systems with satisfied residential and commercial customers.

Make the switch with a solar installation in Shirley NY and enjoy the considerable savings that can come from being energy independent with solar.

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