whole house gas generator

What is a Whole House Gas Generator?

If you want the most reliable electricity at home, you can’t simply rely on the grid. In Long Island, the grid is outdated and unreliable. When the power goes out for maintenance, unplanned outages, or during severe weather events, you can rely on a whole house gas generator.
Long Island Solar Installation

What is the Long Island Solar Installation Process?

You’ve decided that Long Island solar is the best way to move forward with clean and affordable energy for your family. The process can vary between solar installation companies on Long Island. Learn how the Long Island solar installation process works.
New York Solar Tax Credit

The U.S. Government is Investing in the Solar Battery Supply Chain

Solar Power on Long Island is more efficient with battery backup. To keep the U.S. market competitive, the government is now directly funding the production of materials used for solar batteries and electric vehicles.
Queens Solar Company

Which Queens Solar Company is the Best?

As you prepare to install solar panels in Queens, finding the right company will be key. Long Island Power Solutions stands above other solar installation companies in Queens with service and support that goes beyond what is typically expected.
Ronkonkoma solar companies

How to Choose Between Ronkonkoma Solar Companies

Finding the best Ronkonkoma solar companies can be challenging, especially in a crowded market. At Long Island Power Solutions, we strive to deliver the best service and value when we install solar panels in Ronkonkoma NY. Here’s what you should know...
Long Island Solar Installation

Virginia Signs Solar Tax Credit into Law – Joining New York

On Tuesday, April 12, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed a new law to create a tax exemption for residential solar energy systems. If you’re on Long Island, you already have access to similar benefits. Long Island solar installation is more affordable than ever, thanks to generous offers from the Federal and State governments.
Smart Solar Program

What is the Long Island Power Solutions SMART Solar Program?

The SMART Solar Program is our way to ensure that your solar experience is carefully managed right from the initial consultation, all the way through to installation. Learn about the Long Island Power Solutions SMART Solar Program and get started with your free estimate today.
Long Island Solar Tax Credits

Long Island Solar Tax Credits for Homeowners

Federal and NY solar tax credits will significantly offset the real cost of your installation, allowing you a better return on investment over time. Learn about NY and Long Island solar tax credits and begin the consultation process with the team at Long Island Power Solutions.
solar power on Long Island

Clean Energy Now Essential to Prevent Extreme Climate Change

Despite huge efforts by governments and individual citizens, global emissions are still increasing at a frightening rate. Emissions have increased by 12% in the last decade, with all industries contributing to the damage.