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A New Rooftop Panel Solar Car is Coming to Market

A rooftop panel solar system is one of the best ways you can streamline your monthly finances and save money over time. With today’s technology, you can even have a rooftop panel solar system on your car. The solar market is exciting. It’s worth exploring what’s coming as you consider solar power on Long Island. The newly announced Lightyear 2 is one of the most exciting developments in the sector, and it’s going to enter production by 2025.

What is the Lightyear 2?

The Lightyear 2 is a recently announced electric vehicle that integrates a lightweight panel solar system. The car is expected to be produced from 2025 onwards and will retail below $40,000 for a base model.

According to Lightyear, the car will significantly offset carbon emissions, just like a Long Island solar installation. It will halve lifetime emissions compared to a standard electric vehicle. The company has already received more than 20,000 pre-orders, with consumers excited about the prospect of an electric car that can recharge itself.

The company is yet to publish the range when running the vehicle from solar panels. It is expected that the integrated vehicle panel solar system will add several miles each day, as long as the car is exposed to sunlight.

The Lightyear 2 will join a growing market of electric cars that integrate solar panels. Up until recently, electric cars were either hybrid (with gasoline engines) or plug-in only. Adding solar panels will not only increase range but also decrease overall emissions and potentially decrease the cost of ownership over time.

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Do You Have an Electric Car Today? Solar Power on Long Island Could be a Great Investment

If you have a plug-in electric car today, investing in solar power on Long Island could help you to reduce its running costs.

Charging an electric vehicle requires a significant amount of power. If you’re taking all of that power from the grid, then you’re paying too much for it. You can get a Long Island solar installation with a battery backup system. Solar power on Long Island will charge your battery wall during the day. In the evenings, when rates are higher, you could deploy the stored energy to charge your electric vehicle. Using solar energy to charge an electric vehicle will maximize your savings over time.

A Long Island Solar Installation is One of the Best Investments for Your Home

And even if we ignore the electric vehicle aspect, investing in a Long Island solar installation is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

Your Long Island solar installation will reduce your reliance on the grid. During the day your home will be powered by solar and excess production will be sent to the grid, spinning your meter in reverse. This helps to reduce your bill even further, by offsetting the electricity you import at night.

You can predict your savings with a Long Island solar installation. Long Island Power Solutions will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis based on your energy usage patterns and the size of your planned rooftop panel solar system.

Your Solar Journey Begins with Long Island Power Solutions

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