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Solar is known throughout Long Island as the most cost-effective way to power a home. Commercial solar power on Long Island also generates significant savings, and it can make sense for businesses of all types and sizes. LI Power Solutions develops custom solar solutions for businesses, including agricultural businesses. If you have a farm on Long Island you can talk to our team for a custom solution that generates savings and helps you to streamline costs for your business.

Solar for Agriculture is in High Demand

Solar power on Long Island is perfect for agriculture, or agrivoltaics as it has become known.

While most landowners have followed the traditional route of adding solar to the roofing of barns and sheds, there is an alternative approach available. Elevated solar panels built on fields can harvest the sun’s energy while providing shade and protection for produce underneath. Crops can still receive adequate sunlight exposure as the angle of the sun changes during the day.

This type of implementation has been used successfully in Colorado, where $3 million in funding was allocated in 2021 to help develop agrivoltaics concepts.

Solar panels help to insulate crops, creating microclimates at the ground level. Some designs have even integrated gutters and channels into the elevated solar panels, directing water to the crops to make more efficient use of rain.

Agrivoltaics are still experimental, but even the concept of elevated solar panels can already be implemented by farmers on Long Island. Any open space is suitable for ground-mounted elevated solar panels. Or, going the traditional route, commercial solar power on Long Island can be mounted to a rooftop to help cover the electricity needs of the property.

LI Power Solutions offers detailed consultations to help determine the best approach to solar on any commercial property.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Commercial Long Island Solar Installation Benefits

A commercial Long Island solar installation can come with some huge benefits for your business. From small organic farms to larger agricultural organizations, solar is worth the investment.

  • Your Long Island solar installation will save money by reducing your reliance on electricity from the grid.
  • You can offset your carbon footprint to meet your environmental goals.
  • LI Power Solutions can help you to become more energy independent by installing commercial solar battery backup systems.
  • Solar energy has a positive public perception, which can help you to boost the reputation of your business and your brand.
  • Solar panels with batteries can protect you from grid outages, ensuring that your operation doesn’t stop even when the grid goes down.

Solar is an incredible investment that can generate significant returns over time. LI Power Solutions installs the most reliable solar panels that typically operate for 25 – 30 years, giving you plenty of time to enjoy savings and reliability.

Get an Estimate for Commercial Solar Power on Long Island

Whenever making any investment for your business, it’s important that you have solid information to make the decision worthwhile. You can get a free estimate for commercial solar power on Long Island. The team at Long Island Power Solutions will even generate a cost/benefit analysis so that you can put the savings into context with the cost of your system.

We’re here to help Long Island businesses get cheaper electricity that is more reliable than the grid.  Your agricultural business could enjoy long-term benefits from going solar today. Contact LI Power Solutions and enjoy the detailed consultation and expert installation service that has been trusted by more than 5,000 customers throughout Long Island so far.

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