Double Sided Solar on Long Island NY

How Long Before We See Double-Sided Solar on Long Island NY?

Huge improvements in efficiency over the years have helped make solar on Long Island NY more viable for homeowners. Some of the latest research suggests that solar will become even more efficient in the coming decades. Should you wait for the latest tech? Or are the panels currently used for Long Island solar installation enough for your needs?

Let’s look at one of the most recent developments in solar technology, and why you don’t need to wait to get affordable and reliable solar.

Breakthrough in Double-Sided Solar Panels

Canadian researchers announced a breakthrough in solar technology this week. Scientists have developed a new method of producing double-sided solar panels, also known as bifacial solar panels.

Unlike the solar panels currently used for solar on Long Island NY, bifacial solar panels have cells on the front and back faces. Scientists have found that these solar panels can generate significantly more electricity than traditional panels, with an improvement of around 35% in total output. These panels capture light at the front and the back. In certain situations, they could capture light reflecting from surfaces below solar panels, such as on solid ground or rooftops.

Because the panels have more cells, they’re also more durable. It’s estimated that the next generation of bifacial solar panels will last for more than 30 years.

It’s predicted that bifacial panels will contribute around 16% of the global energy supply in the next 25 years, although the rollout will be slow. These panels will be costlier to produce and install and will likely be used for grid-scale installations and commercial solar.

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Should You Wait for Developments Before You Get a Long Island Solar Installation?

With so much exciting news surrounding solar, it can be tempting to wait for the next big development before you install solar power on Long Island.

There’s some quick and easy advice we can give here. If you’re already interested in the benefits of a Long Island solar installation, now is the time to act.

Yes, solar panels will become more efficient in the coming years, but the fact is that today’s technology is already enough to generate significant savings over time. Delaying your installation of solar power on Long Island will only delay the savings that you can enjoy.

Current solar panels can power your home during the day, often with a surplus that you can export to the grid to spin your meter in reverse. This helps to cover any electricity that you buy from the grid in the evenings. Today’s market is also favorable in terms of government solar incentives. There’s a 30% federal tax credit available for solar panel installation, as well as various state incentives that won’t be around forever.

Solar panels today are expected to last between 25 and 30 years, and with Long Island Power Solutions, you will get a 25-Year Warranty for peace of mind.

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