Clean Solar Panels for Home

How Often Do You Need to Clean Solar Panels for Home?

Solar energy is becoming more common throughout households in the U.S. In New York State, you can get affordable solar power on Long Island with the team at Long Island Power Solutions. Maintenance is a concern that many prospective solar owners have. Will you have to do anything to keep your panels efficient? You’ll probably be relieved to learn that cleaning is the only maintenance required for solar panels for home.

How often should you clean your solar panels, and how is it done?

The market for Solar Panel Cleaning Tools is Growing

Before we discuss the cleaning needs of solar power on Long Island, there’s an interesting side note that has recently come out in the news. According to industry analysts, the market for solar panel cleaning equipment is likely to surpass $1 billion within the next three years.

This market includes brushes, hoses, and extension devices that are used for cleaning solar panels. Although the number might seem small compared to some industries, it’s a positive sign that the overall market continues to grow. Cleaning equipment is just a tiny fraction of the larger solar market.

Why are the numbers growing? It’s not just because solar panels need cleaning. It’s because more homeowners are seeing the value in cleaning solar panels for home. As there’s an increased penetration of home solar, there’s an increased need for cleaning services, and an increased demand for tools that are used in the solar cleaning industry.

Not essential for your solar installation, but it’s a small piece of recent news that will help you to put the following paragraphs into perspective.

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Cleaning Schedule for Solar Panels for Home

A general rule of thumb is that solar panels for homes need to be cleaned every six months. Keep in mind that this is an average, and it takes data from the very top and bottom of the range. Depending on the location of your home, and the air quality, solar panels might only need cleaning every nine months or every year. Some years, you might need more frequent cleaning, especially if the climate has been particularly dry.

On Long Island where the weather varies throughout the year, six months is accurate for most homes. You’ll get a better idea of this once your Long Island solar installation is completed.

Advantages of Cleaning the Panels for Solar Power on Long Island

Cleaning is an important maintenance step because it removes the grime and dirt that builds up on solar panels. As thin debris film accumulates on the panels, efficiency will decrease. This can lead to lower power output, which could compromise the savings of solar power on Long Island.

Professional cleaning keeps solar panels for home working their best, and the cost of the service will be offset by the fact that your solar panels will have their maximum possible output.

Long Island Power Solutions Can Co-Ordinate a Cleaning Service

When you get solar installed with Long Island Power Solutions, we can take care of regular cleaning and provide ongoing aftercare for solar. We’ll also assess your system regularly to ensure that it’s in good working order. Based on each cleaning service, we’ll develop the best cleaning schedule suited to your home’s location and the amount of dust in the air.

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Solar panels for home work better when they are cleaned every six months, or whenever they develop a coating of grime and dust. Cleaning is quick and affordable and is offset by the savings generated by your Long Island solar installation. Ready to learn more? Get started with your free estimate from Long Island Power Solutions today.

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