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Roosevelt NY Solar Made Easy with the SMART Solar Program

As you compare solar installation companies in Roosevelt, there’s more than just the cost to think about. Solar installations can be complicated. You need to consider the cost, benefits, where the solar panels will be installed, and even the special permits to install solar in Roosevelt. When you add everything together, Roosevelt NY solar for your home on Long Island becomes a significant project. The right solar installation companies in Roosevelt will take away the complexity and make the experience simple. At Long Island Power Solutions, we’ve developed the SMART Solar Program to do exactly this.

See why our solar program is preferred by more than 5,000 customers throughout Long Island and New York and get started today with your free estimate.

What is the SMART Solar Program?

Long Island Power Solutions developed the SMART Solar Program to offer a simplified route to solar panel installation. The program is free for every customer that installs Roosevelt NY Solar with our team. With each aspect of the program, the goal is to minimize cost, maximize value, and ensure long-term satisfaction with rooftop Roosevelt NY Solar.

Six major features of the SMART Solar Program can benefit you and your family. We’ve explained all in detail in the following sections.

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A Free Energy Savings Assessment for Roosevelt NY Solar

Before you agree to a contract with any of the solar installation companies in Roosevelt, you should be confident of the savings that you will get. Solar is the right decision for most households. Panels will reduce reliance on the grid and generate strong returns over time.

With Long Island Power Solutions, you won’t have to make assumptions about the value of solar. We’ll provide a detailed energy savings assessment along with a cost/benefit analysis.

Active Monitoring of Your Solar System

Solar is incredibly reliable, especially when you add a battery backup system. Outages are rare, and you can even use your solar system to protect your home from outages on the grid. We actively monitor every solar installation, ensuring that you get reliability throughout the lifetime of your panels. It’s all part of the SMART Solar Program for Roosevelt NY Solar.

Consumption Monitoring and Statistics

To understand savings with solar on Long Island, tracking usage and other stats like solar generation and battery storage are important. We will connect you to consumption monitoring apps so that you can see solar stats in real-time. This can help you to understand how solar is helping to power your home, and where the savings are coming from.

25 Year Warranty – Leading the Way for Solar Installation Companies in Roosevelt

Solar panels are durable and can provide a long return on investment. We have one of the best warranty and support systems among solar installation companies in Roosevelt.

Get Roosevelt solar with Long Island Power Solutions and you will have peace of mind with 25 years of warranty coverage.

Expert Racking and Flashing

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. Solar can provide huge advantages, but panels could cause damage to your roof if you don’t have the right installation team. We use low-penetration racking and flashing to ensure that your roof is undamaged and that your solar panels are stable.

With decades of experience in roofing and solar panel installation, we are the best team for solar power in Roosevelt, Long Island.

Ongoing Support from Trusted Solar Professionals

Our team is based right here on Long Island, and we’re available for support throughout the lifetime of your solar system. Because we’re locals, you’ll have confidence knowing that someone will always be there in case you have questions, concerns, or in the rare case that something goes wrong with your system.

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The SMART Solar Program makes Roosevelt solar more accessible for every family. We’ll even take care of details like special permits to install solar in Roosevelt.

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