Ohio Farmers Lose Out on Solar Power Energy – You Don’t Have To

A major solar developer has canceled plans for a 400MW solar power energy array in rural Ohio, following pushback from some locals and a group of lobbyists. The planned solar farm would have been one of the biggest in the country.

A New World Record Could Benefit House Solar Power in the Coming Years

The companies that produce the solar panels used for your home are in a race. It’s a race for efficiency and one that ultimately benefits the end consumer. Through competition and technological advances, house solar power

Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Wading River Solar Panels

Solar is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Nothing else, even some popular home improvements, can offer the same value over time. If you’re considering Wading River solar panels for your home in Suffolk County

UK Residents are Opting Out of Community Solar

Around the world, families are turning to solar energy to reduce their utility costs. If you’ve considered solar power on Long Island, you might have read about “community solar” while doing some research online.

Solar Energy on Long Island Isn’t Mandatory, But It’s Worth It

If you look at the international solar news today, it’s clear that governments around the world are pushing for a clean energy transition. Parking lots in France will be required to install solar panels within the next few years.

Ready for Your Home Solar Estimate in Blue Point, Long Island?

With any major life decision, the first step is often a simple one. This is true when you consider your transition to home solar in Blue Point, Long Island. Solar is one of the best ways to save money at home.

Solar Electric Power is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

Over time we’ve all learned that our environmental impact on the planet should be reduced. There’s a lot of difference you can make, even in your own home. Making the right decisions on the type of products you buy

Get a Risk-Free Solar Energy Installation on Long Island

With a solar energy installation, you can say goodbye to ludicrous utility bills and the poor reliability of the New York Grid. Solar power on Long Island will give you energy independence, with savings that last for decades, not years.