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A New World Record Could Benefit House Solar Power in the Coming Years

The companies that produce the solar panels used for your home are in a race. It’s a race for efficiency and one that ultimately benefits the end consumer. Through competition and technological advances, house solar power has become more affordable and more efficient over time. It’s through competition that solar power on Long Island is now feasible for virtually every home.

As you get ready to plan your Long Island solar installation, the latest world record could help to put your investment into perspective.

A New World Record for Solar Panel Efficiency

You might not realize that not all of the solar energy that hits your rooftop can be converted into electricity. The efficiency of solar power on Long Island has steadily increased over time. With current materials and designs, panels have an efficiency rating between 18% and 23%. To be clear, these numbers are high, and you can easily power your whole home during the daytime using nothing but the solar panels on your roof.

Researchers in Germany have now hit a new record for solar panel efficiency, and this could affect the wider market in the coming years. In a recent test, researchers achieved an efficiency rating of 32.5% using an innovative solar cell design.

Residential and commercial solar panels use a single type of technology across the panel, which is often silicon-based. The researchers used a dual-layer panel for their world record. On the bottom, the panel uses silicon-based cells, just like what you could have on your rooftop with a Long Island solar installation. On the top, there was a second cell layer made of the exotic material perovskite.

While it’s an impressive development, this kind of dual-cell panel isn’t ready for widespread adoption. Perovskite is a volatile material that degrades rapidly, so it can’t be used for solar panels intended for long-term installation. However, the research could help to inspire new designs, including layered solar panels, where more of the sun’s energy could be captured in a smaller footprint.

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Get the Best Solar Panels for Solar Power on Long Island

With Long Island Power Solutions you can be sure that the panels used for your rooftop will be the most efficient available today. The team at Long Island Power Solutions uses panels from industry leaders, including Hanwha Q Cells. We are also an authorized Tesla installer, with access to the most efficient rooftop solar panels and battery backup systems.

Although some cutting-edge systems can achieve a higher efficiency rating than most home solar panels, the durability is nowhere near as good. When you get solar power on Long Island with us, you’ll enjoy a 25-Year Warranty on your panels.

Find Out How a Long Island Solar Installation Could Benefit You

House solar power will save you money. You’ll rely less on the grid, and you could even add batteries to deploy stored energy in the evenings. When you get house solar power from Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll enjoy a detailed consultation and energy savings evaluation to determine the best type of system for you.

Your Long Island solar installation will come with a cost/benefit analysis, indicating your savings over time. We install systems with savings in mind, so our customers generate a return on investment.

Start with your free estimate from Long Island Power Solutions. We’ll give you all of the information that you need to determine if house solar power is right for you. You’ll love an affordable, clean, reliable, and efficient solution to power your home.

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