Wading River Solar Panels

Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Wading River Solar Panels

Solar is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Nothing else, even some popular home improvements, can offer the same value over time. If you’re considering Wading River solar panels for your home in Suffolk County, our team is ready to design a system that maximizes efficiency.

Knowing that you need solar panels is just the first step. Long Island Power Solutions will help to ensure that your investment is worth it.

Placement of Solar Panels is Key

The placement of your solar panels will determine how efficient they are throughout the year. Our team uses experience and advanced software modeling to determine the ideal position and pitch of solar panels for your roof. We’ll look at the shade structures around your home to ensure that the potential impact of daytime shade is minimized. In many cases, we can recommend improvements like trimming or removing trees to increase the efficiency of Wading River solar panels.

As a trusted solar provider in Wading River, Long Island Power Solutions will only recommend solar when it makes sense. If the savings won’t cover the cost of investment and reduce your monthly costs, then we will be honest and detailed in our evaluation.

We provide a free energy savings assessment for every customer, as well as a cost/benefit analysis. With detailed information about Wading River solar panels, you’ll be able to make a decision that is right for your home.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Batteries and the Solar Cost in Wading River, Suffolk County

One of the most common ways to increase efficiency is to add a battery backup to a rooftop solar panel system. With batteries, excess energy generated during the day will be stored. This can then be deployed in the evenings and when the grid goes down.

  • With a battery backup, you can deploy stored electricity when peak grid rates kick in.
  • Your home will be protected from outages on the power network.
  • If the grid goes down, you can continue to use your solar system.

Battery backup does increase the solar cost in Wading River, Suffolk County. But it can pay off in the long term. Because we engineer our systems for both savings and reliability, we can tell you if a battery backup system would be worth the investment.

Efficiency should never come at the cost of your long-term savings and return on investment.

The Best Panels with a Leading Solar Provider in Wading River

Long Island Power Solutions is partnered with the leading solar manufacturers from America and around the world. We will install the most efficient solar panels suited to your rooftop. This will ensure that the maximum amount of electricity can be generated, with a long operational life.

When you work with the best solar provider in Wading River, you’ll enjoy service and support throughout a 25-Year Warranty period. Because we’re locally based, you’ll always have someone to call in the rare event that something goes wrong with your system. We install solar that is actively monitored, and you can check usage statistics and more through free smartphone applications.

A Detailed Free Solar Estimate in Wading River

You can get a free solar estimate in Wading River, along with an energy savings assessment and consultation with a cost/benefit analysis. We can install standardized solar solutions like Tesla Solar, as well as custom solutions using the most reliable equipment from our supply partners.

We’ll determine the initial estimate for the solar cost in Wading River, using satellite data. If you like the numbers, we’ll schedule a site visit to inspect your roof and perform a detailed inspection and estimate. Wading River solar panels will give you a more reliable and greener alternative to power your home. With the cost savings, there’s simply no reason not to consider solar for your home. Choose Long Island Power Solutions and enjoy the end-to-end service of a company that has connected more than 5,000 families and businesses in Long Island and New York.

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!