The Most Important Step in Getting a Rocky Point Solar Installation

We provide the right data so that you can make an informed choice on a Rocky Point solar installation. It starts with your free estimate from Long Island Power Solutions.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Solar Battery Backup in Bohemia, Long Island

If you want solar with even better savings you can consider adding a solar battery backup device to your system. Learn more with your free Long Island solar estimate.

Another State Joins Push for Decarbonization with Solar and Solar Backup Power

New York is one of the most progressive energy states, with countless homeowners switching to efficient solar panels and solar backup power. Solar is also widely used for grid-scale projects, agriculture, education, and in the private sector.

Should You Wait Out the Winter to Install Solar in Lake Ronkonkoma?

Winter is here, and there’s going to be some rain, snow, and maybe even hail before we get to the spring. Temperatures are frigid at this time of year and most people like to stay indoors. The days are shorter and there’s not a lot of sunshine.

The Surprising Benefits of a Solar Battery Backup System in Sayville, NY

Solar is a growing industry in America. Long Island solar installations are in high demand, and the conditions are similar throughout the nation. If you’re looking to save money with more reliable electricity, solar power on Long Island is the best solution available to you.

Getting Solar Installed with the Top Solar Companies on Long Island

Solar will create savings over time with a return on your initial investment. With electric utility rates out of control, there has never been a better time to get solar on Long Island. If you’re getting ready to make the switch, you need to be sure that you work with one of the top solar companies on Long Island.

Cedarhurst Solar Battery Backup System

Solar can save you money on your utility bill, but there’s even more potential for savings if you include a Cedarhurst solar battery backup system. A solar battery backup system will add to the cost of your installation but the savings over time can be significant.

Battery Energy Storage System Definition and the Federal Solar Tax Credit

The recently signed Inflation Reduction Act guarantees a solar tax credit for new installations over the next decade. You can now claim a federal credit of up to 30% of the cost of your solar system on your federal income tax.

Do You Need a Manhasset Solar Battery Backup System?

Manhasset is one of the most idyllic hamlets on Long Island. With beautiful homes and excellent amenities, it’s among the top places to live in New York. But like most of Long Island, there’s one thing here that every homeowner can agree on. The price of electricity is running out of control.

The Benefits of a West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

Solar panels can make your home more efficient with affordable electricity. But you can really maximize the benefits when you add a West Islip solar battery backup system. Explore the advantages to help you decide the type of system that would best suit your home.