Cedarhurst Solar Battery Backup System

Is a Cedarhurst Solar Battery Backup System Worth the Extra Cost?

Solar can save you money on your utility bill, but there’s even more potential for savings if you include a Cedarhurst solar battery backup system. A solar battery backup system will add to the cost of your installation, but the savings over time can be significant. Here are the advantages that you’ll enjoy with a solar battery.

A Solar Battery Installer in Cedarhurst Can Give You Energy Independence

You’ll enjoy real energy independence with the help of a solar battery installer in Cedarhurst. Even with solar panels on your roof, your home will still be vulnerable to grid outages. When the grid goes down, your system will shut off to protect people working on the lines.

But, with a Cedarhurst solar battery backup system, you can keep powering your home even when the grid is out. On Long Island, where outages are relatively common, especially during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, having some extra peace of mind and protection goes a long way.

Your solar battery installer in Cedarhurst will configure your system to deploy electricity in an emergency. And, even if the power is out for several hours or days, your system could be configured to recharge the batteries during daylight hours.

All you need to do is talk to Cedarhurst’s best solar battery installer to get started today.

Battery Backup System Can Protect You from Peak Rates

When demand on the grid is at its highest, electricity rates increase. This is typical during the peak hours of early to mid-evening. During this time, your solar panels will shut down, and you’ll import electricity from the grid. The electricity will be billed at a higher cost than any you export during the day under Net Metering.

With a Cedarhurst solar battery backup system, you can switch to battery deployment to reduce the amount of electricity you take from the grid. This will allow you to keep your electric utility bill to a minimum.

Your batteries will recharge during the day, so you can offset your energy usage every night.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost?

Making any major investment in your home requires careful consideration. You’ve probably asked, how much a solar battery backup system cost? The answer can sometimes be frustrating.

The truth is that it depends. The size of your solar battery and your overall solar system matter. Your daily energy usage patterns and the likelihood of outages should be considered when designing the system.

The best way to learn how much a solar battery backup system cost is to talk to our team today. You can start with a free solar panel estimate. We can cover the available options for solar batteries in your detailed consultation and free energy evaluation.

The Best Solar Battery Installer in Cedarhurst

Long Island Power Solutions is a local company ready to help you install a reliable solar battery backup for your family. We’ll design a system that saves you money and generates a strong return on investment.

With a detail-oriented approach, we’ll ensure that your system is designed for maximum efficiency, working harmoniously with your solar panel installation. The costs are kept reasonable with the help of generous tax credits and incentives. You can install your solar system with no-money-down financing from our partners.

Request Your Estimate for a Cedarhurst Solar Battery Backup System

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