Best Solar Panel Companies on Long Island

How the Best Solar Panel Companies on Long Island are Driving Change

America is undergoing an energy transformation. More renewables are reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. They can also decrease costs for homeowners. The best solar panel companies on Long Island are driving change in our State and are contributing to a huge expansion of the domestic solar industry. Solar power on Long Island is the best choice if you want a cleaner and more affordable way to power your home.

The U.S. Will Produce 336 GW of Solar in Five Years

Domestic solar capacity is greatly increasing. This is being driven by large commercial and utility projects. Home projects like solar power on Long Island are also making a difference.

The current solar capacity across the nation is around 129 GW. Analysts expect this to more than double to reach 336 GW by 2027. Solar has a huge impact on electricity added to the grid. Solar represented almost 40% of the new capacity added in the first half of this year.

The numbers are excellent now, and they’re only likely to get better with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. This new law secures funding for large-scale projects. Homeowners aren’t left out. You can now get a 30% federal tax credit on your Long Island solar installation. The credit will be available until 2032.

How Long Island Power Solutions is Helping

The best solar panel companies on Long Island are driving change by removing the barriers to entry. Long Island Power Solutions has one of the easiest programs for families to connect to solar.

The SMART Solar Program is designed to streamline your solar installation and transition to clean energy.

  • You’ll get a free energy savings evaluation with a cost/benefit analysis.
  • The initial estimate for solar power on Long Island is completely free.
  • We’ll install solar with low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof.
  • We offer no money down financing for Long Island solar installation
  • You’ll get access to live monitoring through smart apps, and we monitor your system 24/7.
  • Your system comes with a 25-Year Warranty for peace of mind.

The SMART Solar Program takes care of you from the initial consultation and throughout the lifetime of your system. You’ll have 24/7 support from local solar professionals.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

You’ll Save Money with Solar Power on Long Island

With solar power on Long Island, you’ll dramatically reduce your month-to-month energy costs. Solar offsets your reliance on the grid. During the day, your Long Island solar installation will power your home, and any excess energy generated will be exported to the grid.

With a Net Metering agreement through your utility company, your meter will spin in reverse. This helps to cover the energy you use in the evenings when your panels shut down. This will carry over to the next month if you export more than you import. And, if there’s a positive balance at the end of the billing year, you’ll receive a check from your power company.

The savings created through Net Metering help a solar system pay for itself in savings, usually within the first eight years of ownership. With the average Long Island solar installation lasting 25 – 30 years, you’ll generate an excellent return on investment.

Get a Ballpark Estimate for a Long Island Solar Installation

Get connected with one of the best solar panel companies on Long Island. Our team has installed more than 5,000 systems for satisfied businesses and homeowners. You can get solar with the help of generous New York State and federal tax incentives. You can start with your free online solar estimate now.

With one of the best solar panel companies on Long Island, making the switch is easier than ever.

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