Solar Battery Backup System in Sayville

The Surprising Benefits of a Solar Backup Systems

The hamlet of Sayville is an idyllic stretch of the South Shore where residents can appreciate the need to preserve our environment and by extension, our way of life. Quiet, comfortable, and beautiful at any time of year, Sayville retains a quieter pace and real community atmosphere that has been lost in some areas of New York. If you call Sayville home, there will be more than a handful of things that you love about the area. One thing that you might not love so much is the price of electricity and the outages that are becoming more common from year to year. With a solar battery backup system in Sayville, you can enjoy true energy independence with a clean and green solution.

A Solar Battery Backup System in Sayville Can Protect Your Home from Grid Outages

Many homeowners don’t realize that solar panels won’t protect against power outages. Even in daylight, if the grid goes down, the rooftop solar panels will shut off. This stops electricity from feeding back into the lines, protecting the equipment and the people working on the lines.

If you have a solar battery backup system in Sayville, then you can still have electricity at home while the grid is out. The battery system will prevent electricity from feeding back to the network, but your home will still have electricity at the outlets.

And, with the right approach, you can have a system that recharges while the grid is down. Talk to your battery backup installers in Sayville about options for “islanding” your system. This will allow your panels to charge your batteries even if the grid is out. This could keep your home powered during an extended outage, such as during a heavy storm or a natural disaster.

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The Cost of a Solar Battery Backup System on Long Island Can be Partially Covered by Incentives

Solar is an investment. The upfront price is significant, but your panels can pay for themselves within the first eight years in most cases. The cost of a solar battery backup system on Long Island adds to the total cost of your system, but you can offset this with incentives.

There are incentives available for a new installation of panels and batteries at your primary residence. One incentive, provided by the state, provides a direct payment to your contractor, based on the size of your system. This will reduce your total bill.

There are also federal and state solar tax credits available to help cover the cost of a solar battery backup system on Long Island. We will apply expected credits to your financing, with no money down and an interest-free period based on the credits.

Government incentives significantly reduce the real cost of a solar battery backup system on Long Island. The conditions for transitioning to clean energy have never been better.

You Can Use Your Solar Battery to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more common, with sales growth skyrocketing compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. While electric vehicles make a lot of sense when it comes to performance and efficiency, the cost of electricity can dampen the benefits.

You can overcome this with a solar battery. Your solar panels can charge your solar batteries during the day. You can then deploy that electricity in the evenings to charge your vehicle with clean and cost-efficient solar energy.

Recent research suggests that with rising gas prices, EV owners with solar batteries at home will enjoy bigger savings than EV drivers without solar.

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