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Here’s Why You Should Consider Solar Battery Backup in Bohemia, Long Island

You’ve probably seen an increasing number of solar panels popping up on rooftops around Suffolk County. What you can’t see from the roadside is all the solar battery backup systems that homeowners have also installed.

Solar panels on their own can create excellent savings with a good return on investment. With the right conditions, adding a solar battery system can improve savings while also creating other unique benefits. Working with a trusted Bohemia solar company can ensure that you get the best deal with a solar battery backup system.

Here are the reasons why it’s worth considering one.

Protection from Outages – A Solar Battery Installer in Bohemia NY Can Help

Living on Long Island, you’ll be no stranger to grid outages. The distribution network is old, and it can struggle to keep up with demand at certain times of the year. There are also harsh weather conditions that can damage the network, especially around the Atlantic Hurricane Season and in the coldest weeks of winter. Whatever the reason, having your lights and appliances go out is never fun. With the help of a solar battery installer in Bohemia NY, you can forget about outages.

A standard solar system works in conjunction with the grid. When solar panels are working during the day, they power the home and export any additional electricity to the grid. If the grid goes down, solar panels will also shut down to protect the grid from any backflow. Once the fault has been repaired on the network, the panels switch back on. In short, even if you have solar panels, you can still experience outages related to the grid.

This all changes with a solar battery backup system. This system will store electricity from your panels during the day, before exporting energy to the grid. With a battery system, your home will also be able to effectively isolate itself from the grid temporarily. If the distribution network goes down, your house will stop sending power to the grid, but you will still be able to use electricity from your storage system. This can be configured to connect to lighting and key outlets/appliances in your home.

This kind of reliability and energy independence is only available with solar, and unlike traditional generators, the system won’t require any fuel or frequent maintenance.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Improved Savings with a Solar Battery System

A battery system can be configured to do more than just provide backup power. You could store electricity during the day, which can then be used to cover some of your consumption needs in the evening.

A standard solar system would completely shut down at night and all the electricity you consume would come from the grid. This can be offset thanks to the savings created during the day, but it’s still not the most ideal situation.

With a battery, you’ll have energy stored and ready to be deployed in the evenings. Overall, you’ll use less energy from the grid, resulting in better monthly savings.

Your battery could also be configured for high-demand tasks. For example, if you have an electric vehicle, you could charge the solar battery during the day and then charge your EV at night from the battery. This stops you from needing to buy electricity from the grid, so your EV will be more affordable to run and also more eco-friendly.

A Bohemia Solar Company To Guide You Through the Process

Long Island Power Solutions is a Bohemia solar company that will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a smooth experience when making the switch to solar.

  • We offer detailed consultations and free estimates.
  • You’ll get a cost/benefit analysis outlining the financial advantages of switching to solar.
  • We can detail the difference in cost/savings when adding a solar battery backup
  • Solar is available with no money down financing and an interest-free period.
  • You can get access to some significant solar tax credits and incentives.

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