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Another State Joins Push for Decarbonization with Solar and Solar Backup Power

New York is one of the most progressive energy states, with countless homeowners switching to efficient solar panels and solar backup power. Solar is also widely used for grid-scale projects, agriculture, education, and in the private sector. Other states are also pushing for solar conversion. New Mexico is one of the latest to introduce pro-solar legislation.

New Mexico to Require Solar Panels at State Schools

A group of lawmakers in New Mexico has introduced a bill that requires schools to install solar panels if they are recipients of state grants. These solar panels can be combined with solar backup power for even better energy savings and efficiency.

The bill is intended to help the state to move towards decarbonization. New Mexico is currently pushing to rely less on high-carbon forms of energy like fuel oil and natural gas. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of the state, the bill would also help schools to save money in the long term.

Beyond this, some supporters of the bill also see it as an educational opportunity. With schools using solar to offset their energy consumption of the grid, students will be able to see solar in action and experience the benefits firsthand.

Lawmakers expect that investments in solar could cost as little as $550,000 for the smallest state-funded schools, or up to $2 million for the largest schools. Over an operational lifetime of 25 – 30 years, these systems would pay for themselves in savings, while also generating a return on investment that could be put back into other projects.

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How Does This Compare to Home Solar Power on Long Island?

More solar in New Mexico is great news for our nation’s push toward renewable energy. And, just like schools there, you could enjoy some huge benefits with solar power on Long Island.

The most obvious and often most advertised benefit of going solar is not the environmental benefit, but the cost savings. Solar power on Long Island can dramatically reduce your electric utility bill. During the day, solar could provide all of the electricity that your home needs, with a surplus. This surplus can be exported to the grid, spinning your meter in reverse. This then offsets the electricity that you take from the grid in the evenings.

If you add battery solar backup power to your Long Island solar installation you could even store surplus energy to deploy in the evenings. This will ensure that you enjoy maximum savings at times when utility providers charge higher rates.

Solar panels last an average of 25 – 30 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to generate a return on your initial investment. The cost of a Long Island solar installation has come down over time, and you can drop the real price even more by taking advantage of generous solar tax credits and incentives.

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There’s news of major solar projects being announced every other week. You don’t have to get left behind. You can enjoy solar at home and get similar benefits as schools, businesses, and other organizations that install solar on a large scale.

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