Solar House Battery Backup on Long Island

The Future of Solar House Battery Backup

Lithium-ion batteries are the standard technology used today for solar house battery backup. While relatively efficient and highly reliable, this technology does have downsides. There’s a limited lifespan for these batteries, and they are manufactured with rare resources that are costly to extract. While the market for solar house battery backup is sustainable in the mid-term, alternatives will need to be found as we move towards a more renewable future.

The latest news suggests that iron flow batteries are a viable alternative, and they’re already being used in large-scale solar projects.

What is an Iron Flow Battery?

More than just a concept, iron flow battery technology is already being used today. This type of rechargeable battery uses iron ions in a liquid solution. Electrolytes flowing through the solution generate an electrical current.

Iron flow batteries have inherent advantages, including…

  • Longer life cycle than mainstream battery technology.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • High energy density.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly with no hazardous materials.

The downside of iron flow batteries today, and the reason they aren’t used for solar house battery backup, is that they’re less efficient than lithium-ion batteries. However, the efficiency rate is improving. The best technology currently allows for around 70 to 75 percent efficiency. This is approaching the 95 percent efficiency that lithium-ion batteries are known for.

With further improvements, iron flow batteries could soon be integrated into solar house battery backup systems. Even if efficiency doesn’t reach the level of existing technology, the advantages could offset this. It could be possible to make up for the loss by increasing total capacity, without a huge increase in cost.

The US has recently deployed its first solar-canal project. Based in California, this project covers water canals with solar panel arrays for energy generation. The panels also prevent evaporation and limit algae growth, increasing the efficiency of the canal system. It has recently been reported that the Turlock Irrigation District in California is exclusively using iron flow batteries for its project.

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Should You Rely on Current Technology for Solar Power on Long Island?

It could take several years before iron flow batteries are available for home installation. However, you can get solar power on Long Island using the current lithium-ion technology. This technology is affordable relative to the savings generated, and the high efficiency means that you’ll make the most of the energy generated on your rooftop. Solar power on Long Island with solar house battery backup can increase total savings. You can deploy electricity from a solar battery system when your panels turn off at nighttime. This can reduce how much electricity you take from the grid, and protect you from expensive peak rates.

Long Island Power Solutions can design and integrate your solar house battery backup system with solar panels.

Learn About Long Island Solar Installation with Battery Backup

Before you spend money on solar power on Long Island, you should determine if the cost is worth the benefits.

Our team will provide you with an estimate and a cost/benefit analysis before you approve a Long Island solar installation. Our data will project savings over time so that you can decide if solar is right for your home.

We offer custom solutions for Long Island solar installation, as well as standard systems like Tesla Solar.

Choose the Experts for Solar House Battery Backup

The team at Long Island Power Solutions has a passion for delivering savings for every customer, along with reliability and energy efficiency. If you’re ready to learn more, you can start with your free Long Island solar power estimate. With or without solar house battery backup, you can benefit from a system that will save you money while reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

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