Are You Ready for Solar on Long Island – Key Questions to Ask

Switching your home to solar is an exciting prospect. Long-term savings, energy independence, and better reliability are all great reasons to schedule an installation. One of the most important things you can do before you dive headfirst into the project

How Important are Solar Inverters for Home Solar Power?

Without solar inverters, your home wouldn’t have much use for the electricity that comes from solar panels. Inverters take the direct current (DC) electricity from rooftop solar panels and convert it to alternating current (AC)

What are the Components of a Solar Panel System?

How do you save money and improve energy efficiency at home with a solar panel system? Solar panels might seem like hi-tech magic, but the science behind them isn’t too hard to understand. If you’re thinking about getting a free home solar estimate

Will Critters Damage Solar Panels?

Solar is a major home improvement that can provide long-term value. Investing in solar is one of the best things that you can do if you want to save money. Like any investment, you must take steps to protect it.
Solar panels are resilient and with a quality installation

How Long Will It Last? – Solar Installation in Hayground Long Island

If you’re in Hayground or nearby areas like Bridgehampton and Southampton, solar panels could be the ideal investment for your home. With savings and reliability, solar provides energy independence. One of the primary concerns for homeowners is the durability of solar.

Our 5 Step Process to Install Solar Panels in Baiting Hollow NY

Solar panels in Baiting Hollow can give you true energy independence with long-term savings and reliability. Switching to solar is easier than ever before. Long Island Power Solutions has simplified the process so that it’s both efficient and stress-free.

Thinking About Solar Panel Aesthetics for Your Home

The primary goal of a rooftop solar system is to save money. You can enjoy energy independence with a long-term return on investment when you get solar from Long Island Power Solutions. As a secondary concern, you might have thought a little about solar panel aesthetics

Three Things That Make It Easy to Get Solar Power in Bayswater

There aren’t many home improvements that can compare to the long-term value of solar power in Bayswater. Compared to a major renovation or remodel, Bayswater solar installation will typically last longer, provide a better return on investment

Are Qcells Solar Panels Made in America?

When installing solar, buying locally-made panels isn’t always an option. The solar industry relies on complex supply chains with materials and products sourced from all over the world. This has become a massive risk to the industry

The Easy Way to Get a Home Solar Estimate in East Rockaway

If you’re tired of paying the unreasonable prices for electricity on Long Island, it’s time to consider solar for your home. With panels on your rooftop, you’ll owe less to the utility company