Solar Estimate in East Rockaway

The Easy Way to Get a Home Solar Estimate in East Rockaway

If you’re tired of paying the unreasonable prices for electricity on Long Island, it’s time to consider solar for your home. With panels on your rooftop, you’ll owe less to the utility company, and you could even export some of your production to cover your usage in the evenings and for months when there’s less sunlight. The first step in making the switch is getting your solar estimate in East Rockaway.

The team at Long Island Power Solutions makes the whole process simple.

Free Ballpark Home Solar Estimate in East Rockaway

You can get a ballpark idea of the cost of solar with a free online home solar estimate. Our initial estimates are based on the latest satellite data. They’re surprisingly accurate, usually being within 20% of the final quote for installation. This early estimate will help you to decide if you want to take the next step with a consultation. This is a no-risk process because we won’t charge you anything until you decide to proceed with the installation.

After the online solar estimate in East Rockaway, we’ll start with a detailed consultation and will schedule a technician to visit your home. This is for a detailed estimate, and it’s an important step. We’ll inspect your roof, make sure that your home is ready for solar, and will survey the property to predict solar production.

With the second estimate we can develop a cost/benefit analysis based on your typical usage patterns, historical bills, and the solar production potential of your home. This is arguably the most important piece of information that you’ll receive during the entire process. The analysis will put the project into perspective. Essentially, it will tell you if solar is worth the investment.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

How Long Will It Take for Solar Power on Long Island to Pay for Itself?

We talk about solar as an investment because with the right planning, your installation can pay for itself. Solar generates savings by reducing the amount of electricity that you need to buy from the grid. Not every day is a perfect day for solar, but this is offset with Net Metering.

Once your system is installed, your utility company will hook up a Net Metering device. This is a special power meter that spins both ways. When you take electricity from the grid, it spins like normal, and your usage is counted. On days when solar production is high, you’ll generate more than your home needs, and this will get exported back to the grid. On these days, the meter will spin in reverse.

This allows your solar system to cover you even when you use electricity from the grid in the evenings. Some months of the year you’ll pay nothing on your bill because you’ll export more than you import. If you end the year with a surplus on the meter, then you’ll receive a check from your utility company.

Through Net Metering and the savings that you generate daily, your solar system will pay for itself over time. In New York State, the average pay-through period is about ten years. This means that savings will be equal to the cost of installation within the first decade of ownership.

Solar panels last around 25 to 30 years, so all the savings after the pay through period become your return on investment. Solar can pay for itself, and then it will pay you. That’s the beauty of getting solar power on Long Island.

Talk to the Experts for Solar Power on Long Island

At Long Island Power Solutions, we have a team of the most passionate solar professionals in the State. We have completed more than 5,000 installations so far, creating countless savings for families and businesses. You can get solar power on Long Island and generate a strong return from your initial investment. We have financing available and solar tax credits can even be used to cover an interest-free period.

It’s time to see what solar could do for your home. Get your free solar estimate in East Rockaway and enjoy the turnkey process offered by Long Island Power Solutions.

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