Solar Panel Aesthetics

Thinking About Solar Panel Aesthetics for Your Home

The primary goal of a rooftop solar system is to save money. You can enjoy energy independence with a long-term return on investment when you get solar from Long Island Power Solutions. As a secondary concern, you might have thought a little about solar panel aesthetics. The look of your home is important both from your own perspective and from a point of value and curbside appeal.

Will solar panels detract from the look of your home? Let’s learn more before you get your free home solar estimate on Long Island.

Do Solar Panels Look Good?

While this topic is highly subjective, most people would agree that solar panels look good on a rooftop when they’re installed carefully. Planning and integrating the system will make solar panels look like part of the home, rather than just a tacked-on feature.

Installation methods are important. With the right installers, solar panel aesthetics will be much better than with an inexperienced installer.

There are some things to keep in mind as you think about how solar panels will look on your roof…

  • Solar panels appear either crystalline black or deep blue, depending on the type of panel and the materials used. Modern panels are more likely to be black with black frames, giving a sleek appearance that looks good no matter the color of the rooftop.
  • Uniformity is important. If solar panels are poorly installed with improper spacing and alignment, they’re not going to look great on your roof. An experienced solar installer will ensure that panels are aligned to each other and to the rooftop.
  • Placement is related to efficiency. Depending on the size of your home and the style of the roof there might be a few viable locations for the solar panel array. However, this isn’t just a case of choosing what looks the best. Panels need to be oriented so that they get maximum sunlight exposure throughout the year.
  • Solar panels don’t need to face the roadside, but this depends on the orientation of your house. In New York State, solar panels are oriented to the south.

Much of the overall aesthetic comes down to the quality of your solar panel installer. If you choose a company that understands how to properly plan, align, and install solar panels, you’ll come out with a clean and attractive rooftop installation.

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most experienced solar installers in New York. We’ve designed and mounted more than 5,000 systems and strive to ensure that our panels look clean and well-integrated. Because we’re also focused on longevity and savings, we also design our systems to ensure efficiency and reliability. We use low-penetration racking and flashing so that panels are low-profile without risking any damage to the roofing material.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate and Learn More About Solar Panel Aesthetics

Your free home solar estimate is the first step in learning if solar is right for your home. After the initial estimate, we’ll take you through a detailed consultation and will visit your home for an on-site inspection. We’ll work with you to explain solar panel placement and discuss how your system will look on your rooftop. You can also see our solar gallery to see the quality of our installations.

You Can Get Installed with SMART Solar Financing

Solar panel aesthetics have improved significantly over time. Accessibility has also increased for the average homeowner. You can get SMART solar financing with no money down. You’ll even enjoy an interest-free period based on expected tax credits.

We’ll explain everything in your detailed and free energy savings assessment and consultation. Long Island Power Solutions is your partner for the best solar panel aesthetics and a reliable system that with long-term savings. Talk to our team today and see how solar could work for your home.

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