Are Qcells Solar Panels Made in America

Are Qcells Solar Panels Made in America?

When installing solar, buying locally-made panels isn’t always an option. The solar industry relies on complex supply chains with materials and products sourced from all over the world. This has become a massive risk to the industry in recent years. Concerns for the supply chain and some significant government incentives eventually led to increased manufacturing activity in America. The U.S. is one of the world’s largest solar markets. It makes sense to manufacture here and then supply the local market. We’ve recently seen massive companies bring their manufacturing stateside. Qcells is a major player in the solar industry. This company is a key supplier to Long Island Power Solutions. It was one of the earliest foreign solar companies to build facilities in America. It recently added a $2.5 billion expansion to its Georgia factory.

Qcells can now manufacture more than 5.1 gigawatts of solar modules per year in America. If you get Qcells panels on your roof, there’s a good chance that they will be domestically sourced.

Why Does Domestic Solar Manufacturing Matter?

When the Pandemic hit America in early 2020, the risk of collapsing supply chains became apparent. International shipping was completely disrupted, and prices increased.

On top of this, America was introducing tariffs on imported solar panels. These were later paused but they’ll be back soon in full effect. This will make foreign panels more expensive. Without domestic manufacturing, this would push the prices of panels up. Now that we have companies like Qcells making panels in America, the industry is secure and continuing to grow.

Maintaining reasonable prices is one reason that a domestic manufacturing industry is important, but there are more. Local jobs can stimulate the economy while keeping important skills available.

Everybody from the factory technician to the end-user benefits from a strong solar manufacturing industry in America.

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Where Will Your Panels Come From?

If you get your free home solar estimate and decide to book an installation, you will get the panels best suited to your home. Several factors go into this. Engineers will consider current prices, availability, and suitability for your rooftop.

It could mean that you get Qcells solar panels on your roof, or there could be panels from another manufacturer better suited at the time. What’s most important is that you choose a solar installer that has access to the best panels and brands and understands how to develop efficient and high-performing rooftop systems.

Long Island Power Solutions can tick all the right boxes.

A Detailed Free Home Solar Estimate and SMART Solar Financing

We provide free ballpark solar estimates online. If you’re good with the numbers, we’ll go ahead with an energy savings evaluation and a detailed on-site evaluation and estimate. We use physical inspections and advanced computer modeling to provide your final quote and a cost/benefit breakdown. You’ll know, in detail, if solar is worth it.

You can get help paying for your system with SMART solar financing. We can split the financing into two terms with an initial interest-free term based on your incoming solar tax credits. These credits are extremely generous today. The federal credit alone is worth up to 30% of the cost of your installation.

With a trusted installer, you’ll get the right advice and the best data to make the decision easy.

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A major Qcells expansion in America is positive for the entire industry. As more solar facilities come online, the market will only become stronger and more secure. At the end of the day, homeowners benefit from more options and better availability.

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