5 Benefits of Home Solar Installation in Franklin Square NY

5 Benefits of Home Solar Installation in Franklin Square NY

Your Home in Franklin Square, Long Island has the potential to provide a strong return on investment with solar panels on the rooftop. When you think about your home as an investment you probably think about the improvements that you can make and how the value could appreciate over time. With Franklin Square Solar, you can invest in a system that generates monthly savings with a return that is counted in decades, not years. See how home solar installation in Franklin Square can benefit you in the years to come.

1. Franklin Square Solar Can Protect You from Outages

Power outages on Long Island are more common than in most areas of America. It comes down to an aging grid and the severe weather events that occur almost yearly. Power outages can be a thing of the past when you install Franklin Square solar.

A home battery backup system can store electricity from solar panels during the day. This switches over as the grid goes down, ensuring your lights and critical outlets/appliances keep running.

2. You’ll Save Money with Solar at Home

Solar’s biggest benefit to homeowners is that it generates long-term savings. When solar panels are on during the day, you’ll buy less electricity from the grid. In a state like New York where rates are higher than most of the nation, the savings can be significant. Over time, your system will even pay for itself in the savings provided.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

3. You’ll Get a Return on Your Investment

More than just saving money, your solar installation will provide a return on your initial investment. Most systems in New York can pay through in savings within the first ten years. Solar panels can last up to 30 years in many cases. Once the system pays for itself, all your savings can be considered profit. There is no other home improvement that offers returns like this over a long period.

4. The SMART Solar Program Comes with an Extended Warranty

Signing up for solar with Long Island Power Solutions will give you membership in the SMART Solar Program. This program has been designed to enhance the value that solar provides. It includes a 25-year warranty for solar panels for your peace of mind. You’ll have support available as you continue to enjoy the benefits of home solar.

The SMART Solar Program also includes system monitoring and support throughout the lifetime of your system. You’ll have a better experience with solar when you choose a trusted local installer.

5. There are Some Major Solar Tax Credits Available

You’ll have access to solar tax credits from New York and the Federal Government. The Federal Solar Tax Credit is seriously impressive, offering a 30% dollar-for-dollar credit based on the cost of your solar installation.

With a NYSERDA-approved solar installer, you can also get access to a direct incentive that comes off the top of your bill.

Long Island Power Solutions will help you to understand the credits that apply in your case. We can provide solar financing with no money down. We’ll base an interest-free period on incoming tax credits before moving you to a standard term loan.

Solar has never been more affordable or accessible than it is today.

Get a Consultation for Home Solar Installation in Franklin Square NY

Long Island Power Solutions offers reliable home solar installation in Franklin Square. Our team has provided solar to more than 5,000 homes and businesses throughout New York. Our detailed home solar estimates go deeper than just how much you’ll pay. We’ll create a cost/benefit report so that you can see how much you could make from a solar installation over time.

Switching to solar power at home is a big step. With the compelling benefits of home solar, it’s much easier to make the right decision for your needs.

Your free home solar estimate is available today. We’ll take you through a detailed consultation and planning process so that you can make an informed decision. Talk to Long Island Power Solutions and see how home solar installation in Franklin Square could benefit your family.

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