Solar Estimator Tool by Google

Google is Building a New Solar Estimator Tool – How Good Will It Be?

Google has a history of providing free solar tools to consumers. The company’s Project Sunroof application was a popular solar estimator tool that used satellite imagery and sunlight maps to predict how much families could save over the lifetime of their solar systems.

Now Google is developing a new tool, called Solar API. It works with Google Maps and uses AI technology to predict solar savings. Is this a good thing for homeowners, and, most importantly, will it be accurate?

It’s Important to Remember the Purpose of Solar Estimator Tools

Whenever looking at services like Google Solar API, it’s important to remember that “estimate” is the most important word.

The only way to know for sure if solar is right for you is to go through the process of a detailed consultation and an on-site evaluation. At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide free estimates based on satellite data to give our customers a ballpark idea of the cost of installation. If the numbers are good, we move to the consultation and cost/benefit analysis stage to give folks all the information they need to make the right decision. No customer is ever signed up before having an on-site estimate with a roof inspection and analysis of shade structures and other features that might affect solar production.

Google’s newly announced Solar API is only as accurate as an estimator can be. It’s quite advanced, allowing users to configure the number of panels and the location of panels on the rooftop. However, without a professional assessment, these figures are ballpark figures and should be used for guidance but not as the ultimate factor in your decision.

It’s great that Google is bringing a new free product to the market to educate people about home solar. Their solar estimator tool could be the first step in convincing many people to make the switch.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Why The Consultation is So Important for Long Island Solar Installation?

A detailed consultation is one of the most important aspects of getting a Long Island Solar Installation. No two families are the same, and needs can vary from home to home.

Your consultation will look at your unique needs so that a solar solution can be designed specifically around them. You can learn about how many panels you might need, and whether a solar battery backup system would provide extra value in your case.

This consultation will be followed with an on-site inspection, which is just as important.

  • A technician will evaluate your roof to make sure it’s ready for solar power on Long Island.
  • Using drone technology and advanced algorithms, the perfect solar panel placement will be planned.
  • Shade structures will be evaluated, and the technician can provide recommendations for tree removal or trimming if it will enhance solar efficiency.

Solar relies on several factors coming together to create a great scenario. To get the savings and return on investment that you expect, you need a solar installer that understands the complexities of solar planning.

Long Island Power Solutions has connected more than 5,000 families to solar power. We have the experience and the skilled team to make sure that you get the most from your investment.

Ready to Learn More? Get Your Free Solar Estimate

Google’s solar estimator tool is still in the demo stage and isn’t quite ready for mainstream use. The good news is that you can already get a free solar estimate here, based on satellite imagery. Start your solar journey and get the detailed, personal, and accurate information that you need to decide if solar power on Long Island is right for your home.

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