Should I Get a Tesla Powerwall

Should I Get a Tesla Powerwall to Charge my EV?

If you have solar at home, or if you’re considering solar power on Long Island, you might also be considering a solar battery. Storage devices can harvest electricity from panels during the day, giving you electricity to use in the evenings. Another way that you can use a solar battery is to charge an electric vehicle, which could greatly improve your overall savings. If you’ve been wondering, should I get a Tesla Powerwall for my EV, we have some information that you won’t want to miss.

Optimizing Your Electricity Usage

Without a solar panel battery storage system, you’ll use electricity from your panels during the day then take all your electricity from the grid in the evenings. You can still get excellent savings with this setup, especially with Net Metering, but there is a way to optimize things even further.

If you add a battery, some of the electricity generated during the day will be stored in your home. You can then deploy this as you need it. That could mean using less grid electricity for home appliances and lighting in the evenings. Or it could mean charging your electric vehicle with renewable energy.

The savings you could enjoy with this aren’t trivial. New York has higher electricity prices than anywhere else in the contiguous United States. That means it costs more to drive an EV here than anywhere else. It’s still cheaper than gas, but not as cheap as in some states like California or Florida. Because you’ll likely charge your EV in the evenings, you’ll take that electricity from the grid, rather than your panels.

Add a battery and this changes. Your solar battery could charge your car, so you’d pay less to the utility company. Depending on how often you drive and how far you drive, you could save more than $1000 in fuel costs every year.

And then there are also practical benefits. If you don’t need to charge your EV, you could use stored energy to reduce your grid usage. You could also have the battery system configured as a backup, so that your lights stay on even if the grid goes down.

So, asking the question, should I get a Tesla Powerwall for my EV, the answer is likely yes. Luckily, you don’t have to guess. Long Island Power Solutions will help you to figure all the details out.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

A Detailed Consultation and a Home Solar Estimate

Your solar consultation will include a review of how you use electricity and how you plan to use your solar system. We’ll provide you with a free home solar estimate, so you’ll have a close approximation of how much your system will cost.

But cost only tells you part of the story. What you should be more interested in is how much your solar system will save you over time. We can help with that.

We provide detailed cost/benefit analysis information based on how you plan to use your solar system. What this means is that you can learn if a solar battery will be worth it before you commit to getting solar installed. You will be able to definitively answer, should I get a Tesla Powerwall, because you’ll have all the financial information upfront.

New York Solar Tax Credits Help with Affordability

Another thing to consider is how federal and New York solar tax credits can make your system more affordable. This will be factored into the cost/benefit analysis. Currently you can get an income tax credit for New York, as well as a 30% federal tax credit based on the cost of installation. This can massively reduce your real solar bill. We can use these credits to create an interest-free period on SMART solar financing, so you’ll pay no deposit and no interest as your credits are processed, before transferring to the standard loan term.

It’s time to learn more about your solar installation on Long Island. Should I get a Tesla Powerwall? The answer could be yes, and there are also other battery storage options available from Long Island Power Solutions. We’re ready to get started. All you need to do is request your free solar estimate today.

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