Critters Damage Solar Panels

Will Critters Damage Solar Panels?

Solar is a major home improvement that can provide long-term value. Investing in solar is one of the best things that you can do if you want to save money. Like any investment, you must take steps to protect it. Solar panels are resilient and with a quality installation, you could enjoy 25 years or more of reliable energy production. When it comes to your home it’s important to keep critters out. Solar panels are no different. Will critters damage solar panels? Let’s find out.

How Vulnerable are Solar Panels?

All solar panels are at risk of critter damage. Just like your roof, if critters get underneath the panels, they can nest, chew on the equipment, and cause long-term harm. With your roof, you can avoid this by keeping it in good condition to prevent any points of entry. With solar panels, the approach is similar. Installing critter guards will prevent anything from getting underneath your panels, helping to protect your investment.

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How do Critter Guards Work?

Critter guards are similar to gutter guards. They are special mesh strips installed around the small gap between your solar panels and your rooftop. They prevent birds and critters from getting underneath panels. This protects the panels and your roof. The guards will also stop most leaves and debris from getting underneath solar panels, which can prevent problems with mold and moisture. Critter guards are cost-effective and can last for years. You can have them installed at the same time as your panels. Long Island Power Solutions offers this as part of our comprehensive solar panel installation service.

Not every home needs critter guards. You can consider a few points to decide if they’re right for you. Our technician can also evaluate your roof and offer a recommendation when you have your on-site inspection and estimate.

Consider the following as you plan your solar installation on Long Island:

  • If you have a history of problems with critters on your roof, it’s worth getting critter guards.
  • If you have trees with limbs near the roofline that critters could jump across, it’s a good idea to get critter guards.
  • If your roof gets a lot of leaf and debris coverage during the Fall, then critter guards could help to prevent buildup underneath your panels.

The cost of adding critter guards to your installation is minimal. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s little risk of having critters damage solar panels.

Critter guards can be colored to suit your roof, ensuring an aesthetic solution that looks good from the roadside.

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